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This web forum is a site for the now defunct Apple MacDOScard. For three years, this existed as the MacDOScard mailing list but as more firewalls showed up and disallowed email into them - I feel that a web-based forum would be more appropriate. Hence the creation of this web site. Very soon, the MacDOScard mailing list will cease the exist. Current deadline for off-line is end September 1999.
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Message TitleAuthor and Date
looking for driverssimon on Jul 28
 pc card drivers/softwareLee McIntosh on Aug 4
UntitledLuis de Santos on Aug 16
 Re: PC Compatibility CardHenry Donzis on Aug 18
Loopback (three-ended) Cable pinouts???Don on Aug 26
 general pinout info, probably helpfulOliver S. on Aug 27
  A valiant attempt...Don on Aug 27
 Video Loopback cablegrego015 on Aug 29
  Loopback CableDon on Sep 3
  looking for gregos loopback cablemorgan on Jul 20
 Loopback cableMichael on Sep 3
OPC 660 running Win 2000Guenter on Sep 1
 Re: OPC 660 running Win 2000Al on Sep 2
OPC 660 upgrades?Kenneth M. Curry on Sep 9
 OPC 660 upgrades?Nils Welsh on Sep 17
  Re: OPC 660 upgrades?Kenneth M. Curry on Sep 18
Help!!!!! OPC 660 is not working!Ken Curry on Oct 9
 OPC 660 not workingNils Welsh on Oct 15
  Re: OPC 660 not workingKen Curry on Oct 15
  Re: OPC 660 not workingKen Curry on Oct 17
OrangPC keeps restartingHM on Oct 14
 ORC keeps restartingNils Welsh on Oct 15
Help! Need working pcsetup217.exeMendel Baker on Nov 15
 Disergard, found it!Mendel Baker on Nov 16
OrangeMicro 530 cardJames R. Duffey on Dec 1
Hi all! Just got a 12" Dos Compatibility Card...Roberto Giannotta on Dec 9
 FAQOliver S. on Dec 10
  Re: FAQRoberto Giannotta on Dec 10
   PCSetup2.1.7Oliver S. on Dec 11
    Link inside...Oliver S. on Dec 11
     I need PCsetup217 but the demo :-(Dick van der Kolk on Jun 5
    PCSetup 2.1.7Roberto Giannotta on Dec 13

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