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This web forum is a site for the now defunct Apple MacDOScard. For three years, this existed as the MacDOScard mailing list but as more firewalls showed up and disallowed email into them - I feel that a web-based forum would be more appropriate. Hence the creation of this web site. Very soon, the MacDOScard mailing list will cease the exist. Current deadline for off-line is end September 1999.
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Some problems with OS 8.6Doug on Feb 14
Radius 12" DOMmark simpson on Feb 17
 Video memory for 12" PC cardsHenry on Feb 18
  Thanks Henrymark simpson on Feb 19
Can not find pc setup 2.1.7Michael on Feb 20
 Me neitherOliver S. on Feb 20
  pcsetup2x still not availableMichael Forster on Feb 25
   Will be moving siteRandall Venhola on Feb 28
Orange Micro Card Processor Upgrade TroubleRob Petschke on Feb 27
 Re: Orange Micro Card Processor Upgrade TroubleAl on Feb 28
Best PC card for a G4/450 or G3/266?Neal on Mar 11
 PC Cards in G3Craig C. on Mar 12
  RE: PC Cards in G3Neal on Mar 12
  Relative speed...?Neal on Mar 13
   PC Card vrs VPCCraig on Mar 18
 Your best bet is an Orange PC.Ken on Mar 17
  Orange PC 660Myron T. Horne on Apr 6
Max RAM on a 12" Apple 166 Pentium cardNeal on Mar 13
 128 MB RAMs in PC comp BoardDave G on Mar 14
 128 MB RAM on PC cardDave G on Mar 18
  128 MB RAM on PC cardNeal on Mar 19
 144 Megs on an Apple 166Rob Petschke on Apr 15
Is there a newsgroup....?Neal on Mar 14
To MadDogDave G on Mar 21
 It workedMad Dog on Apr 12
  366 on aPC Comp cardDave G on May 4
Apple 166er PC-Card: How To Install DSL?Frank Blumann on Mar 30
 Re: Apple PC -Card: How to Install DSLAl on Mar 30
  Thanks, thats what I thought.Frank Blumann on Apr 8
   Re: Thanks, thats what I thoughtAl on Apr 8
Dos card in a PC?scothiam on Mar 30
 Re: Dos card in a PC?Mike on Apr 18

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