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Has string theory ruined theoretical physics?

September 8 2017 at 1:03 PM

Has string theory ruined theoretical physics?

David Kahana, physicist unhinged
Answered May 28

That’s maybe overstating the case a bit.

You shouldn’t be too worried, I think.

Yes, it may be the case from the point of view of an insider like me that too many string theory PhDs were produced in too short a time, in the very early days....

..Just because the problems have turned out to be much harder than they appeared at first, however, it doesn’t mean that the ideas are either completely wrong, or completely useless.

Relations between string theory and twistor theory, which is another very abstruse mathematical attempt at building a quantum gravitational theory, have been discovered which have shed some real light on and made it possible to easily calculate many gluon production in QCD - which is of some phenomenological importance even, at the LHC.

Theory in physics at this speculative level is not obviously a zero sum game.

Rumours of the death of theoretical physics tend to be exaggerated, historically speaking.

Theorerical physics is quite broad. It encompasses much more than string theory.


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