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John Frusciante

August 17 2005 at 5:25 PM
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Response to John Frusciante is not a killer

Sorry to babble on!!!

I found this, and thought it may back up my statements, seeing as you can't read the book through a forum!

Taken from

"Tell us about your friendship with River Phoenix, the late actor who actually features on 'Niandra'. "Me and River used to play together. We had a sort of communication that was intense, on just two guitars."

How many tunes did you cut with him?

"We did two songs," John expands. "One's called 'Bought Her Soul', and it's the second song on the album. I recorded the song and I said to River, 'Make sounds with your voice and I'll record you backwards over this song but you're not allowed to hear the song.'

"So he made sounds into the mic while I recorded and listened to it on the headphones. That's the other voice in the background besides my voice. It went perfectly with the song. We were cosmic together."

"The other song is 'Soul Removal'. He sings and wrote the first half, and I wrote the second half, and you can hear the guitars on that. It has the thickness of a bunch of guitars, but the unity of one guitar. We weave in and out of each other in a really cool, natural way.

'Bought Your Soul' struck me as being driven by a powerful emotion."

Answering someones previous question. John Frusciante went on to have a breakdown soon after River's death. Falling into the depths of depression and drug use. At one point he even burned his house down as he saw everything as his enemy.

Johnny Depp even made a short film/interview with John about his drug use. I am still to get my hands on this, but according to reports it is very harrowing and disturbing, "his teeth have rotted away and his skin is a grey colour, his finger nails are missing, replaced with blisters of blood that occasionally run down his fingers. His clothes are speckled with blood, and his arms bruised and scarred from were he just 'sticks the needle in' because he can't be bothered to inject properly."

In 1995, he OD'd and ended up dead for 2 minutes, he was revived and kept in for a week. As soon as he left he went to his dealer and got high again. In 1997 he was persuaded to go into to rehab, then approached by Flea to rejoin the RHCP. They recorded two new albums. (another that is being recorded as we speak) He dated Milla Jovovich in 2001 - 2003 and last I heard he was with the daughter of the artist who did the artwork for "By the way"

Hope that helps!

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