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Post of mine that I copied from another thread

March 3 2012 at 3:59 PM
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Response to why am I all of a sudden into river phoenix

I'm wondering. What the hell is wrong with me? What the hell is wrong with all of you? What the hell is going on?

You people are saying that out of the blue, you've developed some strange fascination with the late River Phoenix? Well, you can say that I too am guilty of it.

Okay, now, I was born November 24th, 1991 making me 20 years old. Phoenix died a few weeks before I turned two. I have never watched a movie of River Phoenix.

The only times I ever known of his name at all: I am a hardcore fan of Hanson and I seen River's picture on a page of Hanson look-alikes that was on a Hanson fansite. I was 14 at the time then. I didn't think anything of the pic. And another time, I seen a clip of Juaquin (spelled it right?)at an awards show on access Hollywood and they mentioned "brother of the late River Phoenix". This was around the time frame I seen the pic.

Now let's fast-forward the years...

It was about two weeks ago, probably not even, when my uncle and I went in his car to go somewhere. When he pulled into the parking lot, my uncle stopped and sat there for a few minutes listening to the radio. I don't know what triggered this but the thought that suddenly came into my head was "River Phoenix". Pretty strange. Then I figured that that evening when I went onto the computer, I must research him.

I went onto the wikipedia for him and took a good look at the picture. "Pretty cute" was the thought in my head. I always have had a huge love for blonde haired men with similar facial features like that of River Phoenix. That's the main reason why I like Hanson so much!

I read the Wikipedia article about him. I thought that it was so sad that he died so young and such.

Normally, when I research something random online, I just look at the websites related to it once and that's it. As for River Phoenix, this wasn't the case. For the last two weeks now I've been spending most of my time online doing stuff related to him. Looking at his photos, reading on message boards, watching videos on youtube, you name it! I think about him all the time now! And while I can say that, yes, he was a real knock out. I can say that there's something more to it then that. There's plenty of times when I thought that a male was attractive but I'd probably look at his image a few times and never again.

I really don't know what the hell's wrong with me. I swear! I've asked one of my best girlfriends, whose a big Indiana Jones fan, if she's ever seen the one with Phoenix and I care very very little for this type of movies. I asked my dad a River Phoenix related question. I just can't stop this!

But I'm using my best will power not to let this fascination go to my head. I'll continue to do what I been doing, not letting it interfere with my life, and let the whole thing run it's course.

Reading what you other people wrote, I can see that I'm not the only one. I have enough problems in my life and the last thing I needed was an obsession with a deceased actor.

And here's one last thing I would like to say. This may be just random though...My mom died on September 18th, 2010. She was born on December 23rd and her favorite/lucky number was 23. Ever since then, there's many times when I look at the clock and it's at the 23rd minute of the hour. Or whenever I buy something, 23 ends up in the total. Special events have been happening on the 23rd of the month. Many other occurrences involving the number 23 too. Before she died, I never came across the number 23 like this. Now for the part where River Phoenix comes in: He was born August 23rd. He died at 23. This may all be a coincidence but I find this too damn weird.

I'd like to talk to the other folks who have/had this happening so feel free to drop me a line!

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