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Maeve and Sinbad had left the crew, even Dermott, on the Nomad for the day, pretending they had to find an old magicien who could help Maeve with some of her magical abilities. They even simulated an argument when Sinbad offered to go with her ; she had refused vehemently. He had insisted, arguing that even a sorceress and warrior could get into trouble when travelinh alone. She had rolled her eyes and accused him of being her personal guardian dog. He had called her stubborn. It looked real. The crew was unaware that Maeve and Sinbad had staged their fight. The crew chuckled when they saw their favorite couple leave the ship. Maeve looked frustrated and angry, Sinbad looked deeply annoyed. The crew thought their trip was either going to be explosive either it would be a good way for the fiery sorceress and their captain to finally enjoy some time alone.

Although, they were clueless as of which kind of alone time, since Maeve and Sinbad had kept their fledgling relationship secret for the past weeks. It was quite a challenge, since there was always someone in the galley or in the cabin next to Maeves or Sinbads, but they had managed to be intimate several times without anyone noticing one of them entering the others cabin and spending the night there. They had been careful with noises, too, for the Nomads cabins were not exactly soundproof. Sinbad would muffle Maeves moans by kissing her or, when he felt more playful, he simply covered her mouth with his hand. Some other times, Maeve would press her face against a pillow to keep from screaming her ecstasy for everyone on board to hear. However, the last week had been particularly challenging for the couple, as they couldnt stay alone for more than five minutes without someone else walking in. They really didnt want the crew to suspect anything. But Maeve was definitely not helping her captains composure and self control. It amused her, and she spent the week subtily teasing him whenever she could, brushing her hand swiftly against his pants, nibbling or licking the tip of her finger in an unmistakable invitation when she knew he was looking at her.

''Careful, I might work up my revenge the next time'', he had whispered to her ear, and shed only smiled at him defiantly.


But he had told the truth, for tonight she was paying the price for her merciless teasings in the past days. She had been startled, then amused, when her usually gentle lover had roughly grabbed her hair, pulled her toward him for a deep kiss, then unceremoniously pushed her down on their improvised bedding. Without any further preliminaries, he had unfastened his belt and lifted her skirt up to her hips. She had smiled and raised an eyebrow, astonished by his rough manners and his urge to take her, and had spread her legs willingly when he had lowered himself, thrusting powerfully inside her, whispering to her ear that she would pay for her offenses. He had slammed her hard, making her head spin with the new sensations she was experiencing. She totally abandoned herself to his wild lovemaking. Now, they were both on the edge, her pleasure moans and screams piercing through the night. Maeve reached her climax, soon followed by Sinbad. He grunted loudly as he flooded her womanhood with his warm seed. He withdrew from her. Panting heavily, her inner thighs feeling sore, she turned to lay flat on her stomach, exhausted.

''Where do you think youre going ?'' he asked her authoritatively.

He grabbed her by the waist and lifted her skirt, sliding his hard manhood slowly and suggestively between her cheeks, telling her he wasnt done yet. His hand reached for her entrance and he groaned of pleasure and expectation when he felt she was dripping wet with both their juices. Holding her firmly, he slightly lifted her hips. She gasped when he forcefully thrusted his shaft inside her. She whimpered as he mercilessly jackhammered her. Her arms stretched forward and she plunged her fingers into the soil. Her pleasure moans quickly turned into painful cries, for each of his vigorous thrusts, his manhood slammed against her inner wall. He slowed down, as he didnt want to hurt her, which allowed Maeve to lift her knees under her. He withdrew from her and waited for her to position herself more comfortably on her hands and knees. She arched and lowered her back, inviting him to continue. He pushed her skirt up to her waist, revealing her cute butt. Sinbad couldnt help himself. Maeves eyes widened and she gasped when she felt his hand slapping her ass in an appreciative and possessive gesture. His hand caressed her sore cheek and found its way down to her folds, slipping two fingers inside her. She moaned. But Sinbad realized she wasnt as wet as before. He couldnt take her the way he planned without hurting her in the process. He quickly solved the lubrication issue.

He stood up, walked in front of her and gently pushed her back so she would kneel in front of him. His blue eyes met hers, pleading for a treat she couldnt refuse. He groaned of satisfaction when she took him in her mouth. One of his hands reached for the back of her head and gently pushed her closer to him, while his other hand lovingly brushed her red curls off her face. He closed his eyes as she toyed with him, her loving mouth and skilled tongue knowing exactly, from previous experiments, the moves and speeds he preferred. He pulled her away when he felt he was too close to climax. He grabbed her hair and playfully yanked her down so she would land on her knees and hands again. He knelt behind her, lowering her back with his strong hand, in preparation for his next assault. He smiked when he pushed the tip of his manhood, covered with her saliva, against her entrance and felt she too had been aroused by the treat she had just given him.

Grabbing her by the hips to steady her, he thrusted himself inside her, moving his hips forward, his loewr body slamming against her soft buttocks at each of his hard thrusts. His eyes caught sight of her leather belt : Sinbad decided he would change his plans. He slowed down his pace, he grabbed her belt firmly with one hand and confidently maneuvred so she would slide along his shaft instead. She abandoned herself to him, allowing his firm grip to control her whole body. The rythm got faster and harder, she felt his powerful assault as he was impaling her on his manhood, pushing at each thrust against her inner soft spot, thus making her second climax extremely powerful. She cried out his name when she came, and he felt his manhood being surrounded by her sweet juices. He moaned of satisfaction and slowed down, feeling his own climax rising.

Without a word, he suddenly withdrew from her and gently grasped her hair, pulling her back on her knees and turning her face to him, asking for one last treat. He stood up in front of her. She smiled and she turned around to kneel in front of his erect manhood. He sighed and groaned loudly when she took him in her mouth again, pushing him to the edge, until he was ready to explode. He watched her face when he came, groaning of pleasure as she welcomed his warm seed into her mouth, swallowing every drop, delighting herself at the taste of the man she loved.

Sinbad fastened his belt and laid down on his bedding, exhausted. Maeve curled up against him, her womanhood sore from his merciless assaults. He rolled on his side and his hand reached for her jaw, lifting it up gently so he could kiss her tenderly. He still tasted himself on her lips.

''I didnt know you could be so rough'', she giggled.

''I told you I would get my revenge'', he smiked.

Maeve turned her back to him, ready to sleep. He held her tightly in his arms, spooning with her and whispering love words to her ear, until he too, fell asleep.


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  1. steamy indeed!. WMM, Nov 3, 2012

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