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January 8 2006 at 10:33 AM

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In case the Dutch govt would decide it was no longer necessary to go on arming the country, that would indeed mean the end of some orders and developments. But probably not the Navy's building programme would be sacrificed, because that was mainly intended to protect the Indies where the threat would remain.

Also KNIL would now be able to take over some of the Dutch Army's orders and buy its much needed 47mm AT guns and AA as well as planes and vehicles. The Dutch colonies' oceans of money would simply buy it all.

On the other hand, what would the Dutch commercial arms industry do if large orders were cancelled? Fokker and DAF would lose money and they might be tempted to look for greener pastures over the border, just like Fokker did in WW1. What would they do if Germany ordered some Fokker G1's for the Luftwaffe (with German engines and armament) or M39/M40 armoured cars (with German turrets) for the Wehrmacht? Say no? The German-language DAF brochure recently found (see elswhere on the Overvalwagen Forum) is a sign of what could have happened.

In case the German threat diminished arms development would partly continue. For the Navy, for KNIL and maybe some people would be tempted by the Germans...

But I do not think the threat would diminish and just like during WW1 Holland would feel it constantly. 1941 would see new German offensives (Balkan, North Africa, Soviet-Union) and after the entry of the US in WW2 the situation would change again. Hitler might at some point decide that Holland should be occupied, for instance because it was a breach in the Atlantic Wall. Just like in WW1 when a real threat was there right until (and especially at) the end.

Holland would keep on arming itself the best they could.

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