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January 8 2006 at 12:27 PM

Response to imaginary Dutch arms production/development after 1940

Some more remarks:

Number of AA en AT guns:

- by May 1940 Holland had some 400 Boehler type 47mm and HIH Siderius/AI 47mm guns. Add to that the 400 to be built by subcontractor JdW of Dord and by year's end 1941 the AT arsenal might have doubled.

- In May 1940 there were some 72-81 (depending on the source) ready 75mm AA guns (Vickers, AI and Skoda). According to De Jong there were another 100 (sic) finished AI 75mm guns, but without the Hazemeijer fire direction these were useless. A further 50 were supposed to be delivered still by Skoda.
Of course the Polish made orders for 40mm Bofors guns would not have materialized, but Hungary still had to deliver the rest of the 50 pieces ordered (12 had been on hand already).

- By end 1941 there would at least have been some 230 75mm guns as well as some 90 40mm, apart from further builds by Dutch companies and possible further orders to Hungary and Skoda. Add to that the batch of (36?) Rheinmetall 37mm guns.


- The Grebbe lines and Water lines as well as the Fortress Holland would have been in a further state of improvement by end 1941. More casematies would have been built. Add to that 800 AT guns and over 350 modern AA guns, all concentrated in the Fortress Holland and the Grebbe lines, the airforce above it, well, that would look pretty impressive...

- The orders of the German 105mm field howitzer (120 pieces!) would have materialized to some degree (deliveries were already taking place by May 1940).

- Some more armoured cavalry units would be around or light brigades. These could slow down enemy advances or execute disturbing counterattacks. Maybe there would be a tank batalion.

- Training would be much more advanced, though ammo would be a problem (as it already was in May 1940).

Vehicle developments:

- As stated before DAF could have produced a second and third batch of M39/M40 6x4 37mm armoured cars in 1940 and 1941;

- Additional armoured cars and APCs could have been bought abroad: White Scout Cars eg;

- the 4x4 Alvis-Straussler AC3D as used by KNIL could have been copied in small numbers or acquired as the similar Csaba's from Hungary (if they delivered AA guns, why not armoured cars)

- DAF could have provided chassis for further APC's or scout cars to be build in Holland and for the KNIL overvalwagens;

- DAF could have built a small batch each of their two 1938 Ford armoured Commandantenwagen designs;

- DAF could have built production models of their amphibious car, their Martin 4x4 design for trucks, their T46 APC (on M39 chassis) and could have copied the Ford GP (as imported by KNIL);

- as for tanks: we have discussed the realistic possibilites of a DAF tank based on the M39 and a Werkspoor-Christie tank. Acquiring tanks abroad would have very difficult, considering the Marmon-Herrington story. They could try to buy Czech tanks, but I do not think the Germans would allow that as they would need everyting for their expanding Wehrmacht.

- meanwhile Sweden had some commercial designs, like the Landsverk L60, which they licenced out to Hungary (as Toldi light tank). If they delivered this design to Hungary, why not also to Holland? So a third tank model would have been available by 1941! Let's assume this would be the Wilton-Feijenoord-Landsverk tank, using the Landsverk 37mm turret or a newly designed 47mm one! Again, in limited numners only, but still an interesting thought...

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