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Imaginary Dutch arms production and the Swedish example

February 5 2006 at 8:56 PM
Stellan Bojerud 

Response to fascinating - Swedish export policies?

The questions about imaginary Dutch arms production is interesting. We know that the Netherlands were ockupied by the Germans, but Sweden was not. Sweden like NL had an arms industry.

1. Small arms: Carl Gustafs Stads Gevärsfaktori - GF-(State Rifle Factory) Eskilstuna. There production lines were extant for:
- 9 mm pistols m/1907 FN Browning
- 6,5 mm Mauser rifles m/1896 and carbines m/1894
- 6,5 mm LMGs m/1937 Colt-Browning
- 6,5 mm HMGs m/1914 Schwarzlose
- 8 mm HMGs m/1936 Colt-Browning
- 81 mm Mortars m/1929-39 Stokes-Brandt

SMGs were bought from OY Tikkakoski in Finland in small numbers (just three to a Rifle Company!)

2. Artillery: AB Bofors, Karlskoga. Production for export was going on.
- 37 mm AT-guns
- 75 mm fieldguns
- 105 mm fieldguns and howitzer
- 150 mm fieldguns and howitzers
- 25 and 40 mm AA-machineguns
- 75 - 105 mm AA-guns

3. Prior to the outbreak of war plans had been made to increase arms production by using civilian industries. GF did not have personell to man all production lines at the same time and therefore these were transferred to other industries:

a) Pistols, rifles and SMGS to Husquarna Vapefrabriks AB (normally made hunting rifles)
b) HMGs to Telefon AB LM Ericsson (Telephone factory)

GF consentrated on making LMGs and aircraft MGs

These efforts began showing resuts in 1941 and reached it´s peak in 1943-44

4. As a stop gap measure arms were bought wherever such could be found

- 9 mm pistol Walther P 38 1.500 pcs
- 9 mm SMG Bergmann M 24 1.800 pcs
- 7,92 mm rifles K 98 5.000 pcs
- 7,92 mm LMGs MG 28(t)Brünn 5.000 pcs
- 37 mm AT-guns Rheinmetall (intended export Turkey)
- 105 mm howitzers Rheinmetall M 18 142 pcs
- 150 mm howitzers Bofors-Böhler 28 pcs (ex Austian)
- 20 mm AA guns 60 pcs
- 40 mm AA guns 136 pcs (ex-Austrian and Polish)

- 11,43 mm SMGS Thompson M/28 1.000 pcs - only 500 delivered

- 20 mm AT-guns Solothurn 450 pcs
- 20 mm AA-guns Hispano-Suiza

- 120 mm mortars Tampella M/40 219 pcs
- Armoured Cars (ex-Soviet) 3 pcs

5. The supply of munitions to all these different weapons was a problem.

6. In 1939 the Swedish Army did not want 6,5 mm Mauser rifles but had to buy those because that was the only model for which production lines were extant.
Moving production to Husquarna ment loss of time and in 1943 series production of the m/38 rifle began. 24.500 pcs were made. Husquarna also made 74.100 SMGs Suomi m/37-39. The production of SMGs was given priority before rifles m/38. There was also made 83.300 pistols.

7. The Army wanted Ljungman semi-automatic rifles. These rifles m/42 were mainly delivered in 1944-45 by GF. 23.043 pcs made. (In the early 1950-ies this production line was sold to Egypt).

8. As an emergency measure a new company Svenska Automatvapen AB (SAV) was set up for making the horrible Knorr-Bremse LMG wich was made in some 8.000 pcs.

9. Sweden was sucessfull in producing several houndreds of obsolete tanks of which not one single one could stand up to a German or Soviet tank.

10. Sweden was sucessfull in producing aircraft that could fly but was inferior to what the Axis and the Allies had.

An example: 105 mm Howitzers

1) Extant before the war 132 pcs obsolete m/10
2) Embargo Bofors 32 pcs (16 KNIL, 16 Siam/Thailand)
3) Import Germany 142 pcs m/39 (German M 18)
4) Production Bofors 180 pcs m/40 delivered 1944-46

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