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Ethiopian equipment

February 15 2007 at 12:59 PM
von Adler 

Response to Ethiopia


I have seen the figure 12 for the Pak35/36 and more than those 6 delivered after the war started on the mortars.

The Ethiopians had 4 Ft3000 tanks, one of which fought with the Army of Illub Abor in the south. 3 of them had short 37mms and one had MG armament, according to the info I have. I do not know which one the Illub Abor army used.

The Ethiopians also used Fiat trucks armed with Lewis MGs in the Ogaden desert. They also used Lewis AAMGs and Hotchkiss strip-loaded MGs.

I have seen hints of 37mm semi-automatic guns used - they could be infantry guns, they could be old naval artillery sold to the Ethiopians - the prices for arms in Addis Abeba was increadible in 1935, as all the Ras:es tried to acquire modern arms for their respective Chitet (feudal levies), so that a motley assortment of arms found their way there is not impossible.

The number of 75mm mle1897 seem to have been 40 in two battalions in the artillery brigade of the Kebur Zebagna (Imperial Guard).

The Italians had 70 75mm M1885 mountain guns at Adua, a number of them were captured by the Ethiopians and used in the second war.

The records of the battle of Adua suggest that Menelik II managed to acquire mountain guns with longer range than the Italian artillery before the battle and used them with good effect. Russian advisors were in Ethiopia at the time, so it is possible that the artillery was Russian 63,5mm M1883. A number of bronze muzzleloader smoothbores (that were popular in America and Europe 1700-1865) were probably also used.

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