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on Ethiopian/Abyssinian/Italian Equipment During 2nd Italo-Abyssinian War

March 15 2007 at 12:36 AM
Ernest Nygard 

Response to Very interesting


Hi Folks! I'm new here, looking for info - some of my questions have already been answered here in this excellent thread -

My Original Question was:

Where can I get good information on exactly what each side used, what was available, what they were equipped with for both Italians and Abyssinians? My internet search has been spotty at best; I appreciate any info, links, tips, etc..., on this subject, Thanks!!!

Specifically; did the Italians employ things like:

- Austrian Bohler 47mm light field/AT guns***
- CV-33/35's, with 20mm, 37mm, or Flamethrowers, (besides the 6.5mm dual MG's)
- any early tanks, like the Fiat 3000/3000B's; the 5 ton tank, L6/40's, etc...
- small arms like backpack flamethrowers, submachineguns, any light/medium AA guns...

And the Abyssinians/Ethiopians:

- besides scattered HMG's and mortars(which types/caliber?); did the Abyssinians have any heavier weapons, like artillery,(any type - which ones?), vehicles, tanks/tankettes, airplanes, etc...
- I read some Abyssinian battalions were armed with Oerlikon AA guns; how many, and which type? what did they use for prime movers?
- also get the impression the Abyssinians really didn't have much more than swords, spears and shields, with rifles in scattered battalions across the entire front, but mostly of out-dated and inferior quality - true, or???
- what about transport - did the Abyssinians pretty much have to "hoof it" everywhere, or did they have a fair amount of vehicles - or was that limited to horses, donkeys, or camels???

Thanks again, I really appreciate it!!!

***I really like to know if the Italians brought their Bohler 47mm light field/AT guns there???

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