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Some old thoughts from 2012 on this weapon

May 6 2016 at 6:22 PM

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copied from the thread at Landships:

The carriage frame is far lighter than any Rheinmetall made, it looks a lot like the one on the Japanese 75mm Type 41, which had Krupp origins.
The shield is different from anything Rheinmetall made around WW1 too.
Then the gun itself. Look at the contrast in length between the barrel and the cradle, again nothing in the Rheinmetall 75mm ranges matches this.
This is a long recoil weapon. Krupp developed several on behalf of foreign customers according to Kosars's Gebirgskanonen.
The gun does not match anything in my Kosar books.
I am still speculating that is some unknown Bofors product.
I think it is an infantry weapon and not a mountain gun/howitzer. Look at the elevation possibilities: very limited.
Is the weapon "pack"?
Does the gun have tiny equilibrators fixed outside the shield? Another typical Bofors/Krupp Interbellum feature, though I have never seen them so small.
I think the Bofors 75mm L12 infantry gun of 1934 was an upgrade of old Thai barrels, maybe fixed to the cradle of the Bofors 75mm mountain gun to give them long recoil (a trademark the Krupp men at Bofors at the time could easily have shared), with a new shield. The carriage was also used on one of the Bofors 75mm L22 versions (see Kosar's Gebirgskanonen).

From overvalwagen forum:

Swedish Guns for Siam (Thailand)
October 24 2007, 2:43 PM

Ordered 1934 delivered 1934
8 - 75 mm infantry guns L/12
8 - 75 mm cm AA guns L/50

Ordered 1934 delivered 1935
4 - 105 mm field guns L/24
32 - 75 mm/47 mm infantry guns (combination guns)

Ordered 1934 delivered 1936
8 - 150 mm field howitzers L/24

Ordered 1936 for delivery 1940
36 - 105 mm field howitzers (at least 16 were not delivered but placed under embargo by the Swedish government.

Ordered 1937 delivered 1939
10 - 75 mm AA guns L/50

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