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Some early conclusions: Bofors, Chinese or Japanese?

May 12 2016 at 10:01 PM

Response to yes and the China option

some preliminary conclusions after studying Kosar again.

1. the weapon (barrel and breechblock and rear end of cradle) bears all the hallmarks of construction around 1903;

2. It's definitely German in origin;

3. It's probably a Krupp weapon as the company made a whole series of weapons with a similar arrangement on the cradle (shape of breechblock and steel slab on the lower end of the cradle), though Ehrhardt made one or two as well;

4. None of the mountain guns in Kosar matches this weapon;

5. It is certainly not the Rheinmetall M1914;

6. It's also not the Japanese version of the Krupp mountain gun (though we can't rule out it was a Chinese copy delvierd to Siam in the 1930s);

7. The carriage perfectly matches the carriage of one of the Bofors-Krupp 7,5cm mountain gun versions of the early 1930s;

8. It could be a modification/modernisation of a 1903ish Krupp mountain gun carried out by Bofors in the early 1930s on behalf of Krupp (old weapon/new carriage);

9. Bofors was just about the only European supplier of artillery weapons to Thailand before WW2;

10. Upgrades of elderly Krupp weapons were also carried out or offered by Bofors in other countries;

11. Kosar mentions delivery of a 5cm Kolonialgeschuetz around 1903 to Siam and states is was an outdated weapon with Lafette Ruecklauf (i.e. not quick firing). That proves Siam bought weapons from Krupp around that time. But Kosar could have been wrongfooted or incomplete.

12. That makes me unsure of the caliber of the weapon: 5cm or 7,5cm, I think both are possible;

13. But V Klykoom wrote elsewhere on this forum re Wesley's list of Siam weaponry: "Also, no mention is made of any Rheinmetall guns. However, the book states that in 1920 a Type 49 (Krupp) mountain gun was altered, increasing its calibre from 50mm to 75mm. This new design was given to the Japanese to manufacture, and entered service in 1922 as the Type 63."

Now over to our correspondents in Bangkok who can conclusively ID the gun after closer inspection.

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