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More Java armour "discovered"

November 10 2007 at 11:49 AM

Quoting PC Boer's Het verlies van Java

Landstorm Bandoeng: 2 battalions totalling 1000 men with jeeps and 12 overvalwagens, some stationed at Soebang.

British units:

15 battery of 6 HAA: 140 men, transformd into mobile infantry for airbase protection, well trained with anti-paratroop background and experience, received through KNIL 6 brencarriers and 3 light armoured cars plus a large number of trucks. Located at Tjilitan Airbase near Batavia.

RAF: 450 men armed as infantry, CO wing-commander GH Alexander, at Semplak, later with Blackforce.
Squadron defence sections


78 battery (35 LAA)
12 battery (6 HAA), Kalidjati, jeeps 3 overvalwagens delivered by KNIL (capt Prummel)
both formed as well armed and completely mobile infantry units, both with some light armoured cars

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Stellan Bojerud


November 10 2007, 12:13 PM 

This was very interesting. So 12 more Overvalwagens have been identified.

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November 10 2007, 12:38 PM 

and its not clear of the light armoured cars used by the Brit units were overvalwagens as well or possibly part of the batch of Humber LRCs, also supplied to Blackforce or possibly another shipment of Marmon-Herringtons.

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See also

November 10 2007, 12:40 PM 


At this link some new info is provided by Taki concerning Allied armour on Java:

590 tanks and armoured cars including bren carriers!

As I wrote in the earlier post there must have been around 200 KNIL tanks and armoured cars on Java alone in 42. Which leaves a number of almost 400 other tanks, carriers and armoured cars!

Does someone know how many South African recce cars were supposed to be in South East Asia (Malaya, Singapore, convoys) by march 1 st 1942 and does someone know a generic unit number for carriers and Humber LRCs (so many per battalion/recce regiment etc)?

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Stellan Bojerud

Tanks e t c

November 10 2007, 1:45 PM 

Tanks: 20 VCL and 80 MH = 100 plus 3 VCL on Borneo = 103
A/Cs: 12 Alvis, 40 White, 49 MH = 101
British tanks 12(?)
Humber ACs unknown number
Bren-carriers unknown number
Overvalwagens more than 100

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British tanks

November 10 2007, 1:50 PM 

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