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Colours of KNIL vehicles

March 1 2016 at 12:49 PM

Dear All,

apart from some On some photos, of materiel in Museums which describe KNIL Equipment as "dark green, not khaki"

I have not a clear idea what the vehicle colours of KNIL euipment were, both for Vehicles and helmets etc.

It looks like a very dark green (like Deep Bronze- Brunswick Green /Russian Green or a dark Olive Drab)

Can any one help me if possible to RAL equivalents?

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Comparison to KNIL Helmets

March 7 2016, 9:36 AM 

If I look at surviving KNIL helmets and the variety in colour of them, the vehicle colours might be a lot lighter (olive green etc).
Do we have evidence vehicles were repainted after import (Vickers/MH/ M3 Scout cars) and what colours were used for the Local produces trucks and Braat Overvalwagens?

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March 7 2016, 2:21 PM 

Hi Sybren, thanks for your posts. Though I cannot really help, please visit overvalwagen.com, where you will find several surviving examples of KNIL vehicles. The most researched ones are the Ford GP jeep of mr Geesink and the Vickers Utility tractor at Bronbeek. Other pics of surviving Braat overvalwagens suggest indeed a lighter green/olive colour, but we dont know if these vehicles have their original 1941/42 colour. They could have been repainted post 1945 by the Dutch with newly supplied paint from allied stocks or post 1950 by the museums with paint from the Ind army.
Kind regards,

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Re: Hi

May 13 2017, 3:21 PM 

Thank you Nuyt,
I found out a lot additional information, I seems the KNIL did not repaint the vehicles, so left them in their original colours as delivered by the manufacturer. so the differences do exist; e.g. the British delivered models had the pre war British Dark Bronze Green, where the American MH Lt tanks were delivered in Olive Drab, whch was a much lighter colour. Dutch and KNIL green seems to be somewhere in the middle (except when I compare the different helmets and the Vickers Utility tractor at Bronbeek.

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colour of helmets model KNIL

March 8 2016, 2:01 PM 

Hello Sybren,

the colour of the helmet model KNIL was related to the colour used by the equipment of KNIL artillery
(so-called "artilerie-groen")
The different shades of this colourscheme was reason enough to investigate the best method for painting. With other words, workers first had to learn how to handle a proper method for this kind of painting. The paint used for this work was a duco paint (like Hammarite) and when inproper sprayed on the steel and exposed to the tropical sun, this could lead to serious disturbances in shade. A lot of tests were being started to find out the best method for sealing the helmet against tropical influence. According to my opinion the later produced helmets for KNIL made by Milsco(USA)are the best in appearance.

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Re: colour of helmets model KNIL

May 13 2017, 3:14 PM 

Thank you Hendrik;

I did read it, but forgot to answer you; This leaves me some leaway in the colours for miniatures ad the effects of the sum would varay appearances

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