Where did the train come off the rail.

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Wow this thread sure got off the great article that began with discussion...And many of us agreed that some people (read parents) were going over the top with trying to "push/propel" kids to the "elite" at such a young age. Some how this got lost into the same old tired NCAA vs Canada.

I just say, parents go in to college/university visits with your eyes wide open..Todd is right that there are many backwater schools in the US. This is a natural conclusion given the sheer numbers of schools to the population base.. In that case I would choose Canadian Schools 100% of the time, but if our student/athletes can gain entry into a good school and lacrosse tradition in the US at the same or less than a Canadian University then I see 0 issues.

Again parents be wise...Be parents, and help your child make good decisions for them selves, and that they can be happy with both in academics and on the playing front.

Again...I am 100% against tyke, and novices, and peewee's etc being streamed into these so called elite programs...They will have 0 advantage.

Go have fun, for the heck of it at this time but don't be a fool with your wallet parents, and for your child's sake get the rose coloured glasses off at this age... They will be what they will be and no amount of trying to get them seen even makes any sense expect maybe at the office watercooler for a little bit of chest pumping...

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