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To EDUCATE re: Our Second Amendment RIGHT - Our basic fundamental human RIGHT to defend our lives, property AND Liberty, UNINFRINGED! The Second Amendment IS the Equal Rights Amendment! *************************************************************************** Dedicated to those who died 9-11-01 The Second Amendment IS Our Homeland Security! *************************************************************************** WOMEN AGAINST GUN CONTROL SUPPORTS OUR AMERICAN TROOPS!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL! STAY SAFE AND COME HOME SOON! OUR DEEPEST GRATITUDE FOR YOUR SERVICE AND SACRIFICES! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Armed Citizens SAVE over 2 million lives a year ..and that INCLUDES those attackers who are ARMED with just their BARE HANDS AND FISTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Columbine Co: Where innocent children and teachers could NOT do anything against a crazed student but hide under tables and pray that they wouldn't be next What Went Wrong with Columbine http://www.newswithviews.com/Pratt/larry.htm ------------- Pearl Miss: Where an armed administrator was able to save lives by retreiving his own weapon ---------- What school would YOU prefer YOUR children attend ?????????????????????? If it only SAVES one life........ DO IT FOR THE CHILDREN! +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The Racist Origins of US Gun Control http://www.lizmichael.com/racistgc.htm http://www.mcsm.org/racist.html http://hematite.com/dragon/bans.html http://www.sightm1911.com/docs/whitelaw.htm http://www.potomac-inc.org/emercore.html ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The 2nd Amendment: Explained......Very good explanation of the meaning of the 2nd Amendment: http://www.sierratimes.com/03/08/07/greenslade.htm ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ "A gun is a TOOL ! NO better or no worse than any other tool, an axe, a knife a shovel or anything - YES~ even hands and fists! A gun is as good or as bad as the man using it. REMEMBER THAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Message TitleAuthor and Date
Buy meds to stop Chronic pain. No script requiredJerome on May 28, 6:55 AM
Giffords Shooting Doesn't Cool Westerners' Gun ArdorJanalee Tobias on Feb 19, 5:19 PM
FacebookWAGCEVP on Jun 27, 1:54 AM
FWD: From VCDL:10. Homeowner shoots criminalNancy on Dec 20, 12:16 PM
Only the military and police should have guns?????nancy on Nov 7, 8:45 AM
Armed Teenage boy scars off two home intrudersNancy on Oct 4, 9:17 AM
A lesson in GUN SAFETY!Nancy on Sep 22, 7:43 PM
Naked 91-year-old holds burglar at gunpoint September 19, 2009 7:12 PM Peter SchallerArmed citizens stop crime! on Sep 22, 7:38 PM
FLA: Armed Homeowner stops car theft!Nancy on Sep 20, 12:00 AM
AZ: Oops wrong houseNancy on Sep 7, 9:03 AM
 Or: Oops wrong houseNancy on Sep 7, 9:03 AM
 Oops, Wrong House, Tennessee Version:nancy on Sep 12, 8:42 AM
 Oops, Wrong House, Florida Version:nancy on Sep 12, 8:43 AM
 Oops, Wrong Jewelry Store:nancy on Sep 12, 8:44 AM
Armed Atl GA: Pawn Shop employee deters armed robbery attempt.Nancy on Sep 6, 5:47 PM
Congratulations, MSNBC, you have now set a new journalistic LOW,Anonymous on Aug 21, 8:26 AM
 Glad to see itRoy Pope on Aug 24, 12:34 AM
NY shopkeeper defends store by shooting 4 armed robbersarmed Citizens save lives and deter crime on Aug 15, 9:09 AM
Bad Trip Ends at Wrong House: KYnancy on Aug 2, 7:04 AM
TX: 74-year-old man shoots Houston carjacker (Neighbors call him a hero)Armed Citizens deter crime and save lives on Jul 24, 8:08 PM
NEWS RELEASENancy on Jul 2, 6:48 PM
Oops, Wrong House: Nashville police say a 21-year-old homeguns save lives on Jun 27, 8:49 AM
Eight Republicans Help Confirm a Hard-Core Gun Bannernancy on Jun 26, 3:16 PM
AZ:Armed Store owner shoots robber / deter crime and saves livesArmed Citizens deter crime and save lives on Jun 10, 8:17 AM
TN - A Fayette County homeowner shot and killed an intruderArmed Homeowner defends Family on Jun 6, 5:18 PM
 Tx: Armed Homeowner shoots and kills intruderArmed Citens save lives and deter crimes on Jun 6, 5:23 PM
  Homeowner Grabs Gun From Intruder, Opens FireArmed Citens save lives and deter crimes on Jun 6, 5:27 PM
Ind: Armed Homeowner shoots home invadersNancy on May 30, 7:32 AM
 Armed Pharmicist stops robbery and saves livesNancy on May 30, 7:35 AM
An email exchange between a DSGL doctor and an anti-gun physician.Nancy on May 30, 7:26 AM
[NV-firearms] Something interesting happened this week......nothing happened.Nancy on May 30, 7:15 AM
usa-buys-enough-guns-in-3-months-to-outfit-the-entire-chinese-and-indian-army - whooooohaaNancy on May 24, 4:11 PM
Gun Free = crime free?Nancy on May 23, 7:52 PM
Number of Concealed Carry Permit Requests From Women On the RiseNancy on May 23, 8:46 AM
Man has no regrets defending Oklahoma City pharmacyNancy on May 23, 8:29 AM
British Women Take Up Shooting:Nancy on May 23, 8:25 AM
Does “Gun Control” Benefit Law Enforcement?:Nancy on May 23, 8:19 AM
Firearms sales are soaringNancy on May 17, 10:31 AM
Armed Homeowner kills intruderArmed Citizens Save Lives on May 15, 8:52 AM
NY: Off Duty Police Officer shoots/kills roober during attempted holdup in auto shopArmed Citizens Save Lives on May 15, 8:34 AM
Michigan: armed female uses firearm to scare off 3 home invadersArmed Citizens Save Lives on May 15, 8:33 AM
MO: Armed Woman stops home burlarynancy on May 3, 10:59 AM
Score: Marching band 2, thugs 0 - Message hear is NEVER give up , Never Give inArmed Residents save lives on May 2, 10:15 AM
TX: Armed Apt resident shoots and kills intruderArmed Residents save lives on May 2, 10:11 AM
Idaho: ARMED grocery store owner shot/killed crook during break in...Armed Citizens Deter Crime on May 1, 7:56 AM
MISS: Armed Man kills Intruder, saves Mom....Nancy on May 1, 7:40 AM
The Supreme Court says accidentally shootingNancy on May 1, 7:35 AM
FLA: Property Owner shoots/kills robbery suspectArmed Citizens Save Lives on May 1, 7:33 AM
When Guns Are Outlawed…:...................................................Nancy on Apr 29, 7:28 PM
Florida Homeowner Cleared in Shooting: Prosecutors have concludedArmed citizens deter crimes and save lives on Apr 26, 8:42 PM
Day, Liebowitz and Pirrong: Guns make colleges saferNancy on Apr 24, 10:05 AM
A Great PhilosophyNancy on Apr 24, 9:57 AM
Guns Protect Schools from CriminalsJanalee on Apr 23, 6:27 PM
9th Circuit Court concludes that the 2nd IS incorporatedNancy on Apr 20, 6:42 PM
Cleaning Walther PPK/S and a 1911Leslie on Apr 16, 10:03 AM
 Assuming proper disassembly and reassembly--here's what I'd say:...Nancy on Apr 21, 8:14 PM
  More dvise from some gun friends, Leslie you should join this firearms list I'm on too :_)Nancy on Apr 21, 8:26 PM
 more on the PPK....Nancy on Apr 21, 8:28 PM
60 minutesNancy : Guns Save lives on Apr 13, 2:28 PM
Lesson: Be in a position to defend yourself, or suffer ......Nancy : Guns Save lives on Apr 13, 2:05 PM

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