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To EDUCATE re: Our Second Amendment RIGHT - Our basic fundamental human RIGHT to defend our lives, property AND Liberty, UNINFRINGED! The Second Amendment IS the Equal Rights Amendment! *************************************************************************** Dedicated to those who died 9-11-01 The Second Amendment IS Our Homeland Security! *************************************************************************** WOMEN AGAINST GUN CONTROL SUPPORTS OUR AMERICAN TROOPS!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL! STAY SAFE AND COME HOME SOON! OUR DEEPEST GRATITUDE FOR YOUR SERVICE AND SACRIFICES! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Armed Citizens SAVE over 2 million lives a year ..and that INCLUDES those attackers who are ARMED with just their BARE HANDS AND FISTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Columbine Co: Where innocent children and teachers could NOT do anything against a crazed student but hide under tables and pray that they wouldn't be next What Went Wrong with Columbine http://www.newswithviews.com/Pratt/larry.htm ------------- Pearl Miss: Where an armed administrator was able to save lives by retreiving his own weapon ---------- What school would YOU prefer YOUR children attend ?????????????????????? If it only SAVES one life........ DO IT FOR THE CHILDREN! +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The Racist Origins of US Gun Control http://www.lizmichael.com/racistgc.htm http://www.mcsm.org/racist.html http://hematite.com/dragon/bans.html http://www.sightm1911.com/docs/whitelaw.htm http://www.potomac-inc.org/emercore.html ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The 2nd Amendment: Explained......Very good explanation of the meaning of the 2nd Amendment: http://www.sierratimes.com/03/08/07/greenslade.htm ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ "A gun is a TOOL ! NO better or no worse than any other tool, an axe, a knife a shovel or anything - YES~ even hands and fists! A gun is as good or as bad as the man using it. REMEMBER THAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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New System Could Scan Students For WeaponsNancy on May 11, 3:31 PM
 From a CCW instructor re: School Weapons ScannersWomen Against Gun Control on May 13, 6:58 PM
Gun Haters Versus the Big Bang TheoryNancy on May 11, 9:28 AM
7. Somehow the "no guns" policy of Virginia Commonwealth University on May 11, 7:49 AM
UK Court Refuses to Release Man Who Shot Burglar on May 9, 8:28 PM
 AWB: "Ban Aid" on May 9, 8:31 PM
  The Why of Gun Ownership on May 9, 8:32 PM
 Protect burglars, says parole boardNancy on May 9, 9:39 PM
A QUIZ FOR THE MILLION (?) (MISGUIDED) MOM MARCHERSWomen Against Gun Control on May 7, 7:09 PM
 What do "feelings" have to do with the Constitution as written?" - Sierra Times.com on May 9, 5:26 PM
  Does Congress have the Constitutional Authority to Force you to get a Federal License to o on May 9, 5:30 PM
 ALERT: A Letter To My Haredi Neighbor on May 9, 5:32 PM
 (CA) DA rules fatal shooting self-defense 05-09-03 on May 10, 5:11 PM
column: Women with Guns Fight BackNancy on May 6, 7:51 PM
 Rachel Lucas - Piquance. Impudence. Ordnance.Nancy on May 6, 7:55 PM
 9th Circuit Skirmish Over Second AmendmentNancy on May 7, 7:13 PM
  Wayne LaPierre On Hannity & Colmes May 12Nancy on May 7, 7:16 PM
   Second Amendment Sisters on PBS Next WeekNancy on May 7, 7:21 PM
  LA) Storeowner shoots two career burglars 05-07-3 on May 8, 7:27 PM
   armed actor nabs intruder on May 8, 7:30 PM
 Train at Front Sight Free For Ten Years! on May 9, 5:02 PM
  FW: Arizona First State in US to Pass A Resolution Supporting Gun Shows on May 9, 5:24 PM
 TSA Grilled Over Pace of Armed Pilots Training Program -- 05/09/2003 on May 9, 5:04 PM
  Re: TSA Grilled Over Pace of Armed Pilots Training Program -- 05/09/2003 on May 9, 5:08 PM
Re: Women-Only CCW course in ArkansasWomen Against Gun Control on May 6, 7:42 PM
Violence Policy Center: Clueless in DC by Larry PrattNancy on May 6, 7:39 PM
 DC Gun Grabbers: Cabbies Being Murdered Is No Reason to Arm ThemNancy on May 7, 7:25 PM
Gun control advocates' credibility on lineNancy on May 6, 7:37 PM
(AK) Church pastor cheered for killing two burlgars 04-25-03 on May 4, 6:18 PM
 (SC) Man pulls gun to thwart robbery 04-29-03 on May 4, 6:19 PM
FREE HANDGUN TRAINING FOR WOMEN ONLYWomen Against Gun Control on May 3, 1:57 PM
Guns for God: High school club mixes target shooting, spiritualitynancy on May 3, 1:41 PM
FW: Just a ToolNancy on May 3, 10:51 AM
NAACP Rests Case Against Firearms IndustryNancy on May 3, 10:46 AM
British answer to crime - cardboard copsNancy on May 3, 10:45 AM
Is John Walsh Showcasing A Felon?Nancy on May 3, 10:44 AM
Eugene Volokh; GUNS IN AMERICA" AND DEFENSIVE GUN USES:Nancy on May 3, 10:36 AM
SC: CWP Training Classes Offered For May 2003WAGC on May 3, 8:26 AM
A woman's perspective on gun rightsNancy on May 3, 8:21 AM
QUOTES TO REMEMBERNancy on May 3, 8:20 AM
PA: Ladies Day at the Range May 17Nancy on May 2, 5:12 PM
 SC: Women's Day At The Range??WAGC on May 3, 8:25 AM
Press Release: GOA Denounces Lautenberg Gun BanNancy on May 2, 5:08 PM
Hodgdon Announces Powder RecallWomen Against Gun Control on May 1, 8:50 PM
Lautenberg Gun Control Bill Compared to Nazi Policies -- 04/30/2003Women Against Gun Control on May 1, 8:30 PM
Cincinnati Drops Suit Vs. Gun IndustryWomen Against Gun Control on May 1, 8:27 PM
 Cincinnati Uses Gun Lawsuit Money For Police OvertimeWomen Against Gun Control on May 2, 8:53 PM
SUVs & Guns, same tacticsNancy on Apr 30, 7:05 PM
 Front Sight: May 1 Deadline. Absolutely NO Exceptions.Nancy on Apr 30, 7:07 PM
IN) Store manager won't face charges in shooting 04-28-03 on Apr 30, 7:02 PM
 (VA) Fatal shooting was likely self-defense 04-29-03 on Apr 30, 7:03 PM
 OR) Homeowner cleared in fatal shooting 04-29-03 on Apr 30, 7:04 PM
(IN) Robbery thwarted at Democrat campaign headquarters 04-30-03Armed Citizens save lives and deter crime on Apr 30, 6:57 PM
 OH) Off-duty officer shoots intruder 04-25-03 on Apr 30, 6:59 PM
 ID) Man draws knife and is shot 04-28-03 on Apr 30, 7:01 PM
  We need thisTerri on May 15, 2:00 PM
Pro-Gun Women Allege Set-up by 'John Walsh Show'Women Against Gun Control on Apr 30, 6:53 PM
Women-Only CCW course in Arkansas - FYIWomen Against Gun Control on Apr 29, 9:01 PM
(IL) Carjacking victim won't be charged 04-24-03Armed Citizens save lives and deter crime on Apr 28, 9:24 PM
Jeb Bush Credits NRA with Brother's White House Win -- 04/28/2003Nancy on Apr 28, 9:23 PM
Bowling Truths: The Film Is UnmaskedNancy on Apr 28, 9:21 PM
John Walsh/Second Amendment sisters--the REAL storyWomen Against Gun Control on Apr 28, 9:19 PM
Civil Rights Crusade, Not Lawsuits, Against Black Violencenancy on Apr 27, 5:32 PM
Gun Control: The Criminal LobbyNancy on Apr 27, 9:24 AM
Dear SarahNancy on Apr 25, 8:05 PM
 Guns are not our problem!Nancy on Apr 25, 8:08 PM
Media Coverage of guns - extremely bias! - just a few examplesNancy on Apr 25, 7:43 PM
 Voodoo Social PolicyNancy on Apr 25, 7:54 PM
Reason's Gun Page on Apr 25, 6:34 PM
"All the law enforcement agencies in the country asked for help on the assault weapons ban on Apr 25, 6:27 PM
Proper Gun Safety on Apr 25, 6:19 PM
NRA's LaPierre Promises 1994 Gun Ban Will Be Defeated -- 04/25/2003 on Apr 25, 6:15 PM
Guns and Violence: A Summary of the Field on Apr 25, 6:06 PM
I believe the Second Amendment will always be important." on Apr 25, 6:02 PM
Guns and Freedom on Apr 25, 5:58 PM
(IN) Armed robber killed by merchant 04-24-03 on Apr 24, 8:52 PM
 OH) Homeowner kills invader 04-23-03 on Apr 24, 8:53 PM
 (KS) Homeowner returns fire, kills burglar 04-23-03 on Apr 24, 8:53 PM
 TX) Ex-basketball player kills intruder 04-21-03 on Apr 24, 8:54 PM
Assault Weapons and Assaults on the Constitution by Rep. Ron PaulNancy on Apr 23, 7:33 PM
the difference between "assault Weapons" and other guns is purely cosmeticNancy on Apr 23, 7:32 PM
Studying "exposure" to firearms: household ownership v accessNancy on Apr 23, 7:29 PM

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