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  • Only 93 Blue Certificates Left
    • Women Against Gun Control
      Posted Aug 7, 2003 8:58 PM

      Please send to all on your e-mail lists

      August 8, 2003

      From: Dr. Ignatius Piazza
      Founder and Director
      Front Sight Resorts

      Dear Friends and Students of Front Sight,

      Our "Exchange in Abundance" program to give you a coveted Front
      Sight "Blue Certificate" and raise money for your favorite
      churches and charities is down to the LAST 93 Certificates.

      Remember, 400 gets you 2000 plus 1000 to your favorite charity
      or church. Get yours before they are gone!

      Here are a few more of the numerous responses we have received on
      this offer:

      From David Mackett:

      "This is an outstanding deal! I've confirmed with my accountant
      that the tax deduction works exactly as Mike Lee states below...
      making it an almost free opportunity!"

      From Mike Lee:

      "Great idea! I spend $400 for the Blue Certificate and get to
      attend any Front Sight course on it while you send a $1000
      certificate to a Charity (in my name) that nets me $400+ in tax
      benefit. Sounds like free class to me, while good for the Charity
      and great PR for Front Sight. I'll take ten certificates please!"

      From Patrick Srail:

      "Since I'm not that smart, just tell me if my interpretation
      is right or wrong:
      1. I pay $400 and nothing else.
      2. I can take the really cool 5-day Armed Citizens Corps course.
      3. A charity of my choice gets a $1000 certificate for training.
      4. All I paid for all this is $400.
      Correct? If so, COOL!!!"

      From Heidi Berenbrok:

      "First I want to tell you that I think this is a great idea!
      I am curious to know if the $1,000 certificates for the
      charities have an expiration date? (no) I didn't see mention
      of that in your e-mail.

      Also, although I'm active in a charitable organization
      (animal rescue) I'm still in the process of checking with the
      Board members to find out if they want to be the recipient of
      these certificates. Is it possible for me to purchase two of
      the Blue Certificates now and then provide you with the
      information on which charity I want the certificates to go
      to within the next couple of weeks? (yes)

      If so, please put me down for two certificates."

      So if you would like to secure a Blue Certificate for only $400
      that is good for any course we offer at Front Sight
      ($2,000 value) and you would like us to donate a $1000
      certificate on Front Sight Resort letterhead in your name to
      your favorite charity or church, then read the original e-mail
      that follows and secure your Blue Certificates before the number
      we allocated for this program are gone. As you can see from the
      students we shared with you above, the certificates are going

      Original e-mail dated August 4 follows:

      Front Sight to Launch Charitable Foundation
      What is Your Favorite Charity?

      Dear Friends and Students of Front Sight,

      While watching television a few weeks ago, I was informed by my
      local public education station, that due to viewer donations
      being down 40% from last year, they had slashed their expenses
      over $400,000 and were still lacking funds to keep their
      programming in place.

      That got me to thinking and doing some further research.

      I found that most charities and churches are down considerably
      from last year and many urgently need more help than they are
      currently receiving. There are some very fine organizations on
      the verge of collapse.

      In contrast, Front Sight has grown every year a minimum of 40%
      and we continue to expand (watch for detailed announcements on
      Front Sight North coming soon).

      Since we have grown through the crash, 9-11, war in Iraq,
      SARS, the recession, any every other "doom and gloom" forecast
      the news media loves to focus on, I thought it would only be
      right that we should do something to help America's churches and
      charitable organizations.

      It is only when the strong don't take responsibility to help that
      we have government, with their costly bureaucracy and often
      misguided policies, taking over. (A good recent example of this
      is the TSA. So far, their training of just 48 armed pilots has
      cost taxpayers over $800,000!)

      I also found that YOU, our students, support a wide range of
      charities and churches. With this encouragement from you, I have
      decided to launch a unique Charitable Foundation. I know that
      Front Sight's students are some of the finest people in the
      world. So I have specifically designed our Foundation to support
      our students' favorite churches and charities.

      Here is what I have in mind:

      I would like to provide you with one or more of our coveted "Blue
      Certificates." These certificates are good for ANY course we
      offer, have No Expiration Date, and is Not Restricted to a
      student's first course. So it can be used by anyone, for any
      course, any time the course is offered. Based on our current
      course offerings, the "Blue Certificate" has a minimum value of
      $1200 to $2000.

      I would also like to provide your church and/or the charities of
      your choice with a special $1000 CERTIFICATE good toward the cost
      of Any Course at Front Sight Resort. This $1000 Certificate
      would be provided to the church or charity of your choice IN YOUR
      NAME so they know it was your good intentions that brought them
      this initial donation. They can then sell it, raffle it, trade
      it, or use it in any manner they wish to raise money for their

      By participating in this program, you will also ensure that your
      church or charity will be given priority placement in all the
      "no-cost-to-the-charity" programs the Front Sight Foundation will
      offer in the near future.

      How are we funding the Front Sight Charitable Foundation? By
      giving everyone who wants to help their church or favorite
      charity Front Sight's famous "Exchange in Abundance."

      Here is how it works:

      The cost for your $2000-value Blue Certificate that is good for
      anyone, for any course, any time the course is offered, is only
      $400. This is the greatest value ever offered on special Blue
      Certificates-- certificates that we rarely ever offer to anyone.

      Your church or the charity of your choice gets a special $1000
      Certificate good toward the cost of any course donated in your
      name that they can raffle, sell, trade, or use in any manner they
      wish to raise money for their organization.

      And the money Front Sight receives from your purchase of the Blue
      Certificate helps us fund the Charitable Foundation so we can
      offer joint venture programs with other businesses to raise
      hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of dollars for your
      churches and favorite charitable organizations.

      As you can see, this program is a win-win-win for all involved.

      If you would like to help us help your church and favorite
      charities, please fill out the form below and e-mail it to us (or
      fax to 831.684.2137) today.

      Blue Certificate Purchase / Charity Donation






      Home Phone:

      Work Phone:

      Number of Blue Certificates Purchased at $400 each:
      (You may purchase as many as you wish until sold out)

      Total Amount of Purchase:

      Credit Card #:
      (VISA, Mastercard, Discover American Express)

      Expiration Date:


      Church or Charity to Receive $1000 Certificate in Your Name
      (You may add additional recipients for each Blue Certificate
      you purchase.)

      Name of Church or Charity:





      Phone Number:

      Complete form and e-mail to (or fax to
      831.684.2137) or mail to PO Box 2619, Aptos CA 95001.

      Please note I have not placed a deadline on this program, but it
      is a first-come-first-served offer, as I have set aside a very
      specific number of Blue Certificates for your purchase at $400
      each and an equal number of $1000 Certificates to give the
      churches and charities of your choice.

      I have found that people in general fall into two categories:
      Those who want to help others and those who don't.

      I strongly believe that most people associated with Front Sight
      are people who want to help others. If I am right about you,
      then the specific number of Blue Certificates I have set aside
      will go quickly and hundreds of churches and charities will
      receive thousands of dollars in benefit.

      Please fill out the purchase form and e-mail to or fax it to 831.684.2137 TODAY to make sure
      your church and favorite charity is included before the Blue
      Certificates are sold out.


      Ignatius Piazza
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