Brighter Days to a Better World

How to Make a Brighter Day…

It’s not as hard as it might seem. It’s just about giving…and the SBFC has been doing that for nearly three years now.

While Susan G. Komen Foundation and Lupus LA will remain as SBFC’s original charities, we’ve decided to add a third charity to the fold—The National Multiple Sclerosis Foundation.

Thanks to Ms. Andrea McKinnon, the publicist at Days, we have learned that Martha Madison is an avid supporter of MSF…and now, so will the SBFC.

As you may have noticed, the SBFC is not conducting an auction this year for Komen and Lupus LA as we have in years past. And you may have noticed that we have been lacking in the campaigns to celebrate important dates in Shelle history, as well as the traditional birthday gifts for Kirsten and Jason.

This is not a temporary thing. The SBFC will not be conducting any future auctions or campaigns.

And this decision was made with the best intentions at heart.

Why should only a two-week auction be held for each of us to show our support to fighting breast cancer? Why should we only donate in the month of September to show our support for finding a cure for lupus? Why should we wait for a special Shelle anniversary to happen before we pull out those checkbooks and send that money to help stop multiple sclerosis?

Supporting a charity, whether it is the SBFC’s three adopted charities or your own personal choice, is something that should happen every day.

These illnesses don’t wait for auctions and birthdays.

Why should you?

So, with that, we are calling each and every SBFC poster to do good in this world.

Not well.
Do good.

And what can you do?

Well, first, you don’t have to be rolling in dough to give dough…

Think about that extra five bucks you found in the back pocket of your jeans—sure you could buy lunch at McDonalds with it, but wouldn’t it be better served giving it to Komen or Lupus LA or MSF?

Think of how good you’ll feel, too, when you’ve sent that five dollars off in the mail.

And truth be told—that’s the best incentive ever.

Feeling good is ten times better than getting the highest bid on a Shelle item in an auction. Who needs calendars and ornaments and autographed shirts when you can have that everlasting feeling of knowing because of one simple act you’ve made this world a little better?

However, if you can’t spare a dime, these organizations have other ways of showing your support. Just follow the links below and find out…

There is so much WE can do EVERY day…

How to make a brighter day? What do we do?
We’ve got to give a little love, have a little hope
Make this world a little better
Try a little more, harder than before
Let’s do what we can do together
We can really make it better...only if we try...

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