January 24 2005 at 7:16 AM
StuCook  (no login)

Response to BY THE WAY...

I love the posts from Cougs Superfan and you devotion to the team. I get a kick out of your posts on other teams boards.

Generally, disagree with the talent comment. I do agree there are, dare I say , no Brule's here. As I posted before this team has the horses, somehow the jockey(s) need to get them to the finish line.

On the pre game last nite Lane was asked if his guys are ready, he said "I hope so, for a game like this". Last nite on the pre-game of the Pitt-NE game they asked Belichek if his team was ready he answered "Yes, I believe in my guys". Different levels, same goal. As well on the post-game Stew said "we cant expect our young guys to step up" I say BS. To a degree you must run with the future, dont live in the past.

Dallas has gone out and done his job, made positive personel changes. Now the coaching staff needs to get over the fact that the "go to" guys they think will get it done are not the guys. An example is the "Road PP" it is now 8 for 121 and the same unit pours over the boards game after game after game. Is it time for a shake-up there or should we stay the course and hope it will improve over time?

One must question if the coaching staff and player mix has hit "the wall".

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