Well, lets take a look at next season

March 20 2005 at 9:36 PM
The Pucks  (no login)

GM and Coach, god I hope there are some real hockey men on the horizon for this team.

20 year olds:
M Zimmer
C Patterson
B Parker
D Featherstone
K Deines
D Byfuglien

I would go with the 1st 3, dump Feathersone and Deines and try to deal Byfuglien to somebody in the east.

19 year olds:
S Bowles
C Cooper
T Feakes
E Hunter
J Johnson
A Rogers
B Stengler

18 year olds:
J Bray
R Cyr
N Drazenovic
G Gardner
D Gendur
R Gillen

17 year olds:
M Berube
E Fuller
T Wishart

The 3 reasons for hope next season in my opinion are Eric Hunter, Nicholas Drazenovic and Real Cyr. If they can take the next step, they have the skill set to give us 3 high quality players would could cary this team along ways.

The 3 reason for concern next season are GM, Coach and the overagers. The 1st 2 have been beaten to deal, the the overagers have to step up big time. If it is Zimmer, Parker and Patterson, we need all 3 to be around a point a game. Last summer I would have said no problem, but now I wonder. I hope Zimmer goes home with some fire in his belly, and comes back ready to prove he is a much better player than this season showed him to be.

The Euro situation? Is it to much to hope for drafting one or 2 guys who can actually play? My lord if we could just get lucky. Did we burn up all the luck with Zdeno and now the hockey gods are going to make us pay?

Brewer, Chara, Hamhuis, ahhh the memories.

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