Berube & Cooper

March 29 2005 at 12:34 PM
you've gotta be kidding  (no login)

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Did you watch any games this season. You say the team could go without Berube, but when the team was needing something happen Cooper and Rogers were both put to the back bench. Have a look at Wishart, as a rookie did he contribute any more to the team than Berube. I don't think so. Minus 14 on the season isn't that good. Rogers, Gillen, and Wisharts size is what gets them noticed. Try looking past size and recognize the talents that are on the ice. Maybe if they would have played the talent more than the size our d-men wouldn't be getting walked around as easy as they did. How many times did Cooper, Featherstone, and Berube get walked around as compared to Rogers, Wishart, Gillen, Trojovsky, and Bubba. I would love to coach against you. I would even give you the advantage of placing your pylons where ever you feel they would give you the best coverage. Size is good but not everything.

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