Well...what was out there?

January 10 2006 at 4:56 PM
Smileyjones  (no login)

Response to you are so wrong

You're so certain that they have screwed up so badly by doing nothing, tell me, what was available? You'll note that the Cougars weren't the only team doing nothing (buying or selling). All of the other GM's and owners in the league must be arrogant, money grubbing drunks too.

You have complained in your earlier post that we have never come out on the good end of a trade. So, do you think that they should have made a trade jsut because today is the day?

Really, tell me, how can Dallas win with a guy like you. Make a trade and it is lableled as bad for all eternity. Don't make a trade and your standing still being arrogant. If you have the magic wand to win every trade, please make it available for sale I'm sure you'll make a pile of cash.

Smirnoff on the rocks sounds like a great idea. It beats listening to negative garbage all day.

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