January 10 2006 at 6:53 PM
COOGSUPERFAN  (no login)

Response to Okay, Brandy...

you haven't been paying much attention here lately. I don't mind you "venting" as we all have here many times to to harp about the Kerr trade is nuts at this point. As mentioned several times before, we GAVE AWAY a first rounder (that was performing at the level of a late rounder. Dare to compare to Gillies, Repik, or even Stretch amongst others) and an "average" d-man for two previous first rounders. If Dudas was healthy, he would almost certainly have been VERY seriously considered to be attending the Top Prospects game. Way to early to complain about any "giving away" of first rounders in any case. I am continually amazed at the whiny, bitchy attitude here when the team is playing well enough to be first, second, or a strong third in EVERY other division. Take out the bad two+ weeks (that any team that doesn't even understand how to sustain a winning spirit because nobody has ever done it on the current squad) and this team has played exceptional hockey for most of the year, especially at home. Try to enjoy watching a good hockey team that looks like it could even get better this year. After the last few years, this is a breath of fresh air. GOOOOOOO COOOOOOOOGS!!!

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