Brodski does not have a clue!

January 20 2006 at 10:10 AM
BobCougar  (no login)

Response to Re: Citizen Article - Brodsky Speaks

For a business man, Brodski sure uses bad judgement in his public relations management. Comments like "I will not go to the games and schmooze with the patrons," or "I don't see why anyone would feel that the owner living in Kelowna should have a bearing on public perception," are just plain arrogance.

If Brodski wants to win fan support back for this team, there are only two ways to accomplish it, in my opinion:
1)Sell the team to local ownership.
2)Get rid of all the family and friends in the management and scouting depts., and replace them with experienced, successful, hockey people.

Until Brodski realizes this, his attempt to win back the fans will fail. Knowledgeable fans in this market know that the current hockey group is managed directly by Brodski. His lack of hockey smarts will mean that PG will never have a winning franchise. If you want to look at how to run a franchise, look at Kootenay, Vancouver, or Everett. All of these teams have had a shorter life than the PG Cougars however, they have all had alot more success.

The next time you want to explore why PG can't climb the ladder to win even a few rounds of the playoffs, think of a few of these items.
1) Two drunks (Luby and Smart) are running the scouting dept.
2) PG can't even maintain a full compliment of Euro's, let alone find a star.
3) A first overall Thompson draft pick, was not good enough to play on the team (Kerr).

I, for one hope that Brodski moves this team out of Prince George. I don't agree with the doom and gloom mongers who feel that PG will never see another team. With the facility, and the fan base that PG has, another owner will step up to the plate and garner an expansion franchise. All the owners in the WHL know what type of hockey town, and rabid fans are capable in this town. A local group with proper management would be greeted withoverwhelming support.

So Mr. Brodski, quit playing the bluff. Get your sorry XXX out of this town. While leaving, don't let the door hit you in the backside.

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