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January 23 2006 at 2:40 PM
tombstone81  (no login)

Response to Citizen Article - January 21, 2005 - Town Hall?? Not a bad idea Swanson..

How else can the concerned citizens of PG--and those of us who visit and post in this forum--get the message to management? I believe there are easily 5-7 thousand hockey fans who would fill that building every night like the old days if they felt they were getting respected as fans, and value for their money.

Brodsky has treated the people of this city largely like ignorant hicks who are so desperate for entertainment that all he had to do was "build it and they will come". His attitude seems to have been forged with the following principles--Forget the nepotism, forget the lack of crowd pleasing marketing incentives, forget the dwindling attendance, forget the bad trades and scouting, forget making my community feel like I care about them...these are just a bunch of dumb logger rednecks who love their hockey and as long as I can ice a team I should make money here.

Well guess what, Rick? Finally (and mostly through dumb-ass luck and some quality mentoring by Vandekamp)we have a team that's worth watching! Over the past 15 games I have seen a group of young players come together as a hard-working corps the likes of which we haven't seen perhaps more than once or twice since the Cougs existed in this city. While the fighting is not nearly at a level that most PG fans would hope to see...we have a team that can make the crowd leave it's seats (and not in protest--but in excitement!) a few times per game and make us believe that there is a very real chance of victory every night.

And how do you repay this kids? You crap on the PG masses and whine in the paper "hate me, not the kids". Well if you loved these kids you'd be out on the streets of downtown PG, setting up a video booth at Pine Center with non-stop highlight reels running on monitors in the background, showing some of the excitment from the season thus far. You'd be banging down the doors of former seasons ticket holders with incentives to come back...maybe "sign up today for next season and watch the rest of this season for half-price". If you really loved those kids and wanted to support their awesome efforts this season...you'd do whatever the hell you could, and at any cost, to fill that building again.

I get out to the Multiplex every game and yell til I'm hoarse. I'd love to have another 3000 fans around me to help me out...but I don't begrudge those fans who are staying away to protest your poor business choices and cut-rate management, poor treatment of staff and billets and players. Bring on the town forum so we can all give you a piece of advice...maybe teach Brandi, Dallas and Lubi a thing or two about successfully running a hockey franchise instead of running it into the ground, even when they have a great on-ice product. There's a hell of a lot more to this game than just putting pucks in the net.

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