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February 4 2006 at 9:03 AM
Jimi  (no login)

Response to Wow

A Hockey Town. The majority of people aren't staying away because there's no beer in the stands, or because they don't like the in-between period entertainment, or beause the game starts at 7:30 instead of 7:00. From the "misinformed" fans, as Brodsky calls us, at work, from the depths and passion of their negative it's clear that they still care very deeply about the Cougars! They have a problem with supporting an organization that has either been unable, or not committed to, winning a Memorial Cup, and being a perennial cellar dwellar. This is like a great relationship between two people ('94 - '99?)which has ended because of betrayal and broken trust: how do you go about rebuilding that trust?
Mr Brodsky may take it for granted that everyone believes his goal is to win a Memorial Cup. He said recently on PGTV that he is committed to a "successful" hockey club. That could mean a hockey club that generally plays over .500 hockey and gets 4500 fans per game. There's a big difference between being "successful" and being committed to win a Memorial Cup, which has to take an inproportionate amount of dollars and resources to go the extra mile to build a Divisional winner, let alone Memorial Cup winner.
If winning a Memorial Cup is Mr Brodsky's goal then he should have no problem publicly stating it and making a public committment to the club and the City of Prince George. If he is sincere in acknowledging past mistakes affirming future committment, and the club continues to build on the already positive changes, there will be a lot more people joining those of us who go now, in the stands!

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