February 15 2006 at 4:28 PM
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Response to Hey snaggle tooth

Are you the board monitor for the Blazers site? I posted a nice commentary directed to you there and for some strange reason it was deleted. Then I come back to our board and here you are, spouting off yet again. How about that! You feel compelled to come here and talk your trash but on your own board you censor anyone who gives it back to you. Just as I have already concluded by reading your crap here, on your own board and on the WHL chat site...you are full of it...a real lurker and troll! I'd say a few other things but I want this message out there, to be read by all, so they can see just exactly what you are and how you do it!! With guys like you "supporting" the Bloozers, it's no wonder your team bites.

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  1. C'mon folks . . . - Cougar Guy on Feb 15, 2006, 5:29 PM
    1. I agree - KBF on Feb 15, 2006, 5:43 PM
      1. Pot calling the kettle black. - The Pucks on Feb 15, 2006, 9:05 PM
      2. Blazies will miss the playoffs - Krazy Bill Finkle on Feb 15, 2006, 10:57 PM
        1. The past? - KBF on Feb 16, 2006, 12:53 AM
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