February 25 2006 at 11:06 PM
Canadian Chris  (no login)


Absolutely just had to know it was going to be a good game when they go and score 21 seconds into the game. Absolutely really was. For the 3244 that were in attendence, they got treated to a wonderful display by the Cougars...a near perfect game really.

I've never seen the Cougars dominate the faceoff circle like they did tonight, it seemed they absolutely distroyed the Giants. And as a result, ended up getting MANY quality scoring chances out it!

Secondly, blocking shots....too many times to even remember the cats were laying down and blocking the shot Vancouver dmen was great. Zimmer and Hunter especially blocked a few tonight, you gotta know they'll have the ice bags on tonight and tomorrow!

Quite impressed as a whole with the team tonight...They worked hard together, and really did a wonderful job of limiting Vancouvers quality chances. On top of that, they played the body a lot tonight, which as I have read, is definitely a carry over from the previous nights game.

finally, very impressed with the Hunter, Drazenovic and I think it was Zimmer that was with them most of the night...they worked wonderfully together...

3pts up on Loops...9 games to go....anyway that we can clinch next weekend?

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