Dose of Reality for Cougars Fans...

March 30 2006 at 11:43 AM
tombstone81  (no login)

Much as I hate to address and agree with the barbs of these anonymous arrogant pukes from the Vancouver market, the sad reality is they are largely correct. My only disagreement with them is their assessment that the officiating has been equally bad BOTH ways--it hasn't. It has clearly been skewed in favour of the Giants at the direction of the league bosses who are in Toigo's pocket. And the sad part is, Vancouver doesn't need that help to win. Here's why:

SUPERIOR DEPTH -- there is no doubt our talent pool is extremely shallow. Take away Scottie Bowles and Eric Hunter and we're miles away from even making the playoffs this year, much less challenging for a first round victory.

SUPERIOR LEADERSHIP -- Kraus comes back from a month long injury and lights it up in his first game. Fistric is a stalwart every game. Where is our leadership? What our the Cougars three 20-year-olds up to this series? Let's see...Zimmer spends much time in the penalty box or suspended while the Giants are scoring on the ensuing power plays...Patterson has been invisible for 30+ games much less the playoffs...Featherstone plays the "stay at home" defenceman role to a T, even when we need him to jump up and join the offence. He's been nursing his sore hand so much he forgets to do much more than just dump it and retreat.

SUPERIOR SPECIAL TEAMS -- We are 0-for-22 on the power play. Nuff said.

The sad fact is, Cougars fans...we have been OWNED this series. Yes, a lucky break last night and the series is tied. But that doesn't change the fact that if not for the heroics of Scottie Bowles in all but one game so far...and a couple of great wrist shots by Hunter...this series could be over in a sweep with Vancouver having won every game by a 6-0 score. They've outshot us something like 140-80 for Christ's sake! We spend 50 of the 60 minutes each game in our own end, scrambling desparately.

If there is a silver lining to this's that we have some very promising young players... most notably Tyrell and Gardner. The 20-year-olds we're losing do not make a huge impact on the overall talent level of the team. If Hunter comes back next season, we keep both goalies and we have a healthy Jesse Dudas in the stable...we should do at least as well next year and maybe scrape out a first round win.

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