What do you think - 5 Q's

August 21 2006 at 7:44 AM
Corndawg  (no login)

1) Player(s) you're looking most forward to seeing: Drazzy, Hunter, Wishart
Hunter #1, Drazenovic and Wishart should be leaders.

2) Player(s) under most pressure: Cooper, Gardner, Goaltenders. Wishart
Cooper as an O/A, Gardner, it's time, tenders-someones leaving, Wishart has lots to prove now.

3) Player(s) ready for a breakout season: Dudas, Fuller, Gendur
After a year of injuries, all three should be strong; stay healthy

4) Player(s) who will surprise at camp: not sure, Ron St Claire
My incite on attendees is lacking, Ron will have a huge mullet this year.

5) Player(s) on your last nerve: Meaver, Walker
I like them both, could be so much better.

Cant take credit for the Q's, stolen from another board. Names are alphabetical

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