October 20 2006 at 8:36 AM
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Response to BIG TESTS...

Yea I agree that the guys seem to be generating a little more offence.I am also as anxious as anybody to get this team healthy (although I don't agree with Sinclair that Vandunslowven coming back will have much of an impact).I think that part of our problem on the back end is that we have too many plowhorses. Everybody is going for speed with the new clampdown on interference, hooking etc. Teams know that they can get around our big guys and if they play a forechecking game we are hooped. I agree that we have to become one of those intense teams. We have the speed and the you say 60 minutes boys! I dare to say that if this team doesn't start living up to the expectations will Vandy be looking for a new job??

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