October 21 2006 at 9:35 AM
COOGSUPERFAN  (no login)

Response to "coogs arent very good, overrated and a mess"

over and over and over again over the years at EVERY level...the TRUE success of any team can ONLY be measured AFTER the season is over. The wheels can be re-attached at any time with kids this age...or, they can stay off. (personally I don't think they are off yet as they have beaten some good teams and have been competitive against other good teams as well.) If they go .500 this year, win a couple of playoff rounds then, challenge the Gnats for the Conference title would anyone consider the season a success?

I'm still glad that it won't be the usual severe shortage of talent that does not allow us to contend. These guys have NEVER been in this position of high expectation and they are not handling it very well are they? But of ANY "ill" that could plague a team, I'll take lack of confidence, inability to handle the pressure of a favoured team, and poor chemistry because those things CAN change...and change quickly. Not having the horses to carry you anywhere is a much harder challenge to overcome. GOOOOOOOOO COOOOOOOOOOOGS!! Go EARN this a split.

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