November 1 2006 at 10:08 PM
tombstone81  (no login)

Response to What an absolute pile of crap

Great to see the ultra-positive guys in here finally calling a spade a spade! I've been waiting for my requisite 20 games before jumping back in with the reality check...but you guys are taking care of that for me tonight!

For the record...I still sat through all 60 brutal minutes from my perch behind the Cougs bench. Very tempting to leave halfway through the second and do something more fun...like clean behind the fridge or root for ear wax...but I gutted it out for the laugh.

I sit close enough to see and hear Vandy. He has totally lost this team. It's time to go. Even listening to him talk to Ron in the post-game interview, he keeps saying "apparently we're not all on the same page" or "I don't know what it takes to keep positive momentum flowing" and other such bull=pucky. Well guess what Vandy...it's called COACHING. You oughta try it sometime instead of banging the glass with your fist and throwing garbage cans in the locker room. Ed Dempsey coached like that and he was a pile of crap too--just look at what he's done to the Spruce Kings in their Royal Bank year.

Time to make somebody accountable on this franchise. 2517 in the building tonight and I GUARANTEE they will hit a new record low before too long unless there is a MAJOR shakeup.

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