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November 4 2006 at 3:47 PM
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Obviously that person lives under a rock, but I wasn't including you in the people who were on the Backdraft board running down the Blazers while trying to convince everyone on how great their team was even though there has been no indication in the past that they were going to amount to anything.

Its one thing to believe in your team, but its quite another to go on another teams board and run down their organization when you got more problems with your own.

Now, here is some actual hockey intellegence from myself.

A year was in no way anywhere near close to being fair for time to reshape an organization. Vandenkamp got screwed, plain and simple. The onus is on Brodsky and once again he failed to recognize what the teams needs really are.

Setoguchi, Hunter, Drazenovic are all talented guys, but in the past have shown they are more about playing for themselves than for each other.

Guys like Zimmer, Featherstone, Cooper etc were team guys and losing those 2 really hurt the Coogs as who is left to knock sense into the premadonna's?

They lost important leadership and firing the coach will not improve things until their is a culture change in that dressing room. Those kids seem as arrogant and selfish as guys like Upshall, Christensen, Brown all were. Its almost a carbon copy of what has gone on here the last 6 years.

You got solid young guys like Tyrell, Rai, etc to build off of and its important to make these guys the faces of the franchise and get rid of the dead weight.

Cougar fans have suffered a long time, and while the Blazers organization was ripped off by that bitch, I believe Brodsky has pretty much done the same in PG.

Change the culture and try something new other than firing the coaches and leaving the same incompetent bozos in place who are only there because they are family.

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