November 13 2006 at 8:11 AM
COOGSUPERFAN  (no login)

recaps can be given I guess. Where to start? There is so much fodder for anyone's cannon. Generalities then?

Offense: Definitely the biggest problem here so far. No point-per-gamers, no consistancy, not a lot of finish, too fancy, minimal grit. High points...getting very healthy finally...will it make any difference. Even with the dog and pony show going on here, how is it even possible for this group to be near the bottom of the league in scoring? Setting the pace for the lowest goals for in PG history? "Losing is a disease. More contagious than Siphilus or gonorrhea" (sp).

Defense: More than passable. Even with the number and severity of injuries we started with, there were few blowouts. However, they definitely took some nights completely off...disconcerting at best. Health is coming back here as well as game conditioning and readiness. Better things to come here methinks.

Goaltending: Adequate at best. Holding up their end of the deal anyway. Cyr has won us a couple of "big" games and lost us a couple as well. Has been left "all alone" out there several verdict still out. White has not had any real chance yet(Gnats and Brandon?). Should still be playing EVERY second double header in my opinion.

Coaching: A mess. Obviously the first batch could not do what was necessary to prepare/motivate the players. Yet, they challenged or beat some of the teams in the country. Did not deserve the hand dealt to them and should flourish away from PG. Currently, ????? I guess you have to give the guy a chance but it really looks like a desperate move by a desperate team. Should a plan that was, obviously, not coming together as planned, be replaced with absolutely no plan? A patchwork of "flying by the seat of your pants", get whatever you can as fast as you can coaches is going to be hard pressed to bring this unit of under-achievers together (At least I have hope...I guess)

Management: Up until the "pre-mature" firing I would say that they had done their jobs admirably. Post-firing has been a far. I guess I am obligated, for consistancy's sake, to give them a minimum of 10 games. I don't think that the results indicative however as the schedule is VERY soft this month. They will be heavily scrutinized and criticized mercilessly for a while unless appropriate dominance appears. Even then, they will be waiting, patiently to pounce.

Ownership: Can't go there...too depressing. Good to see you in town again Rick, at least it re-kindles our passion/dislike for this aspect of the team.

Overall: very dissappointed in the players AS A WHOLE this year. They were given EVERY opportunity to explode this year and COMPLETELY dropped the ball as a TEAM. There have been spectacular individual efforts on some nights by some. Some have battled through all the crapola admirably and consistantly, but there seems to be not true concept of TEAM here...yet! If that happens, this group will still do very well. I hope they understand and work tirelessly at this. The season is still in it's infancy and most certainly can, and should, be rescued. Still, I hope, and still I cheer...GOOOOOOOOOOO COOOOOOOOOOOOGS!!!

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