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November 14 2006 at 11:40 PM
Tig2  (no login)


Been to a movie lately? How much did it cost you to get in? About the same as a game day ticket? I am most definitely a hockey fan. No need to go into that 'cause the discussion isn't even related to any aspect of the game itself. Ever take an economics class? Want to call the product "widgets"? Would that make you feel better?

I didn't say SUPPORT the owner. I'm not suggesting lining the owners' pockets in order to support the players. Great suggestion to buy the ticket but not the rest - SUPPORT THE GAME; NOT THE OWNER. I'm simply suggesting that some of the crap that gets posted is just that; that there is not a lot of thought put into it. People need to be accountable for that, as well. I agree, I don't think that players should embarass their city or team, either. BUT I also don't think that gives people the right to spread rumours or half-truths about players; especially when those posts have the ability to do that same thing.... embarass the city and the team. So does all this whining about the ownership. Bottom line, it's his team - he can do what he wants; whether we like it or not. The players really don't have a choice, this is where they play.

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