December 31 2006 at 9:16 AM
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Response to it will be interesting..

I believe, to make a statement like that. Yes, they are playing erratic, uninspired hockey but why do you believe that is? Look at ANY other team in the League. Could you find one with the kind of coaching situation we have? The "head" coach came from the last place team in the BCJHL. Nothing against him personally, but how is he going to be able to instill the knowledge, and confidence to DEVELOP any player at this level? How many times are we going to out coach the opposition this year? How many times might we be out coached? What are the odds that this team is being taught effective offensive and defensive systems to compete against any team at this level, let alone the elite teams? I have noticed a pretty significant decline in the defensive play from the beginning of the season. Why is that? We could not score goals early on (it's not great now either), but we were pretty capable at limiting shots and opportunities ro score. This part of our game has gone to pot. Mihalik won't make that much of a difference when he returns, and Dudas hasn't played enough to make a difference either. How are these players supposed to develop at this point? Who is teaching them all the "little things" that good defensive teamwork needs? Finally, who is coaching our tenders to not make the "little" positioning errors that make such a huge difference in a goalie's ability to make more saves, confidently? This team is a mess right now with the poor, negative, unconfident attitudes swirling around but it will be impossible to remove them until the players can look around and see some sign that the team cares about their development to a higher level. Hiring the unqualified, only applicants that will show up, is not going to do it. I would prefer see Stew called back as head coach. At least as an ex-NHL'er he would give them a little hope they might pick up some useful tidbits of knowledge along the way. Looks like a trying second half awaits us Coog fans...buckle up. GOOOOOOOOOOO COOOOOOOOOOOS!!!!

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