Well, enjoy the quick exit for your last playoff round ni PG

March 4 2007 at 3:54 PM
KBF  (Login Diaperz)
Den Member

Response to Hey COOGS, do you agree with it now!?

As I'm sure this pathetic circus will do the right thing and pack up to a city who actually deserve to have a good hockey team. Enjoy it, you might even win a playoff game this year and then you can talk about that 10 years from now too and that can be your laughable only hope of glory. lol man I'm so thankful I don't live in a ****hole like PG, especially with some of the people that post on here who don't learn a thing.

You see cougar fans, (lower case c in cougar, cause you aren't important enough for a capital letter)normally a lowly, sad sack club like the cougars, you don't start bragging and talking **** to a team thats been 5 times the team you've been all year. It just makes you look worse than you already do. Your club is still lowly, still mediocre and still gonna be pummeled in the playoffs.

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