Cyr steals one

March 23 2007 at 9:59 PM
Fatcat  (no login)

Response to WASN'T PRETTY BUT...

wasn't sure about giving Cyr the call for this one but he stole the show, huge saves. Scary D for most of the game, couldn't move the puck out of the defensive zone at all and that's why the shot total was so lop sided, can't generate the offense if the D can't make a play out of their own end. Cyr, Sagert, Gooch, and Tyrell are my top Cats for the game.
Blazers played pretty good hockey, probably not their best, but I think the Cougars could play much better.
Don't get me wrong folks, I jumped and screamed like a school girl when Draz scored, just saying that I think we can look forward to the Cats playing better.

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  1. They had better . . . - Cougar Guy on Mar 23, 2007, 10:13 PM
    1. GOT TO AGGREE... - COOGSUPERFAN on Mar 23, 2007, 10:24 PM
      1. Agreed (nm) - Cougar Guy on Mar 23, 2007, 10:31 PM
      2. Well, all the big talk by the Cougars - KBF on Mar 23, 2007, 11:19 PM
        1. Yeah ok sure duhhhhhhhh-wane - Anonymous on Mar 23, 2007, 11:57 PM
    2. Goalies getting hot in the playoffs is nothing new to the Cougars...................... - Glen on Mar 25, 2007, 3:43 PM
      1. Glen trying to get a job on Porn Star's new movie - KBF on Mar 27, 2007, 12:28 PM
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