January 26 2008 at 9:12 AM
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Response to Yep PG is a great Hockey Town

you had 4 newbies sitting by you, its a bandwagoner for sure.

Have you been around since the team showed up here? Did you put up with 7 or 8 seasons of inept managment and ownership? I know many many people who still faithfully follow the games on the radio and newspaper, but wont spend another nickel in Brodsky's barn. They are tired of his crap. Are they bandwagoners or simply educated fans who know the difference between being constantly embarassed and a solid organization.

When the team was selling out in the playoffs, what kind of marketing where they doing to try and get those new fans hooked?

Prince George is as good of a hockey town as there is, but right now the hardcore fans here are seriously put off by this team.

You want other examples, lets go back to the Detroit days before Illitch took over, they were getting around 6 to 8 thousand fans. Illitch takes over, runs a solid organization and they have now been sold out for what, 10 plus years? I guess Detroit is a bandwagon town.

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