February 2 2008 at 11:06 AM
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Response to Let's not forget

your original premise is not quite correct I believe. Rick Brodsky does not care that much if he makes a lot or ANY money here. He does not need it. He would rather involve, work with and provide for his family...THAT is his HIGHEST priority here. Deep down, can you really blame him? Who wouldn't want to have a situation where you can be around your family any time you choose, write if off as a business expense, and be involved in the greatest team sport in the world (and most Canadians biggest passion). This is a pretty attractive package. Compare that to just having a team as a business/money making machine. Of course he could make more money if he wanted by bringing in the best help money could buy BUT...what would his family do then? The end question has to be this: why change the situation the way it is. This business/hobby is no big money drain on his empire and it keeps him and his family in close contact and having a lot of fun. I think we will see this situation indefinitely no matter how pursuasive a debate ANYONE puts together.

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