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March 1 2008 at 10:53 AM
Dan Stanyer  (no login)

Response to edmonton game

I would just like to know why Schoenek thinks that the cougars standing around and watching is 'the usual'

It is obvious anyone who watches the games that this is the usual way. I want to know what is being done to fix it.

It is not OK for a hockey player at this level to stand around and watch. I dont know who is more to blame... if it is the players, or the coaches, but enough is enough.

If a player gets caught standing there watching the play, they should get benched until they can figure out how to be more productive on the ice. And while they are on the bench the coach should be coaching them as to what they have done wrong.

The whole culture around this organization is that it is alright to fall far below one's potential. It is ok to lose. It is ok to have an empty building. It is ok to allow your family to run the organization into the ground. It is ok to be the place nobody wants to play. It is ok to... whatever...

I do not believe that any of this is OK.


If the coaches cant do anything to change 'the usual' then they should either quit or be fired. Same with management, same with ownership.

It would be one thing if this team appeared to be moving forward, getting better, but more than 60 games into the season there does not seem to be any improvement. Although I suppose they only gave up 38 shots last night instead of 50 so that is a small improvement...

Perhaps I will just have to fall in line with the rest of the city and just stop caring...

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