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September 14 2008 at 12:48 AM
icepick  (no login)

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Teacher, you do not have a clue about hockey. You must be a players mother. You quote usless stats about player size and weight, how young this group is, it all means squat in the win/loss stat. The fact is this D sucks. A young lousy player turns into an old lousy player. Most of the top young skilled D are quick puck moving dmen. In PG there are none! What is there are slow, small unskilled un disciplined D. Two of these guys should still be in midget and the other ones would not be on the roster of any of the top teams in the western league. You have an owner that no other team likes. You have a fat stupit GM that no other team likes. You have old stupit scouts that other teams laugh at and a coach that gets out matched every game because he has no clue how to run a bench. Put your rose coloured glasses on teacher and I really hope for the sake of all canadian childern you are not a teacher.

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