October 19 2008 at 11:00 PM
COOGSUPERFAN  (no login)

Response to what about you

I guarantee you the world would be a much more interesting and positive place if there were more of my types. You are obviously a newbie as I was one of the first to condemn this organization for their extreme failings starting almost immediately after they let Butler, Polonich and Co. escape. I grew tired of beating that dead horse after a couple of years when I realized that NOTHING AT THE TOP will probably EVER change. However, if he can manage to hire/develop people who can build a respectable business out of this WHL franchise then they will hear their just praises, just as they have heard their just criticisms. They have put in some good programs and different (from the past) ideas to really try to build a more serious "business of hockey" atmosphere in the last few years. The PR side has improved dramatically involving ticket promotions and prices that have never been tried successful they are is yet to be determined. The Cougars allowed their program and reputation to freefall for years and it will take at least as many to rebuild it...probably more. At least they are trying new long as there is change, they can be some degree of hope...they might just accidently stumble onto something like hiring a proven coach for a change...but let's walk first GOOOOOOOOOO COOOOOOOOOOGS!!

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