Is it time to look at some positives?

February 7 2009 at 10:34 AM
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The young Cougs have just matched last season's point total and passed last year's wins total.

They play a 16yr old, Connelly, and 2 18yrolds, Viedensky, Stansfield, on the first line
and last nights, second and third lines were composed, in part, by a 16yr old Bounossisi,
a 17yr old Ciolfi, and a 17yr old Maylan. Rounding out the young forwards are Tyrell 18,
and Regier 17,and dont forget Fraser a 16yr old who has had pk,pp and 1st line time.

On defense they have a 17yr old playing top 4 minutes ( Bidlevski), and when he got hurt
the coaches had the confidence to play their 6th D, 16yr old McDonald, in a regular shift
during the 2nd period when the game was 1-0.

When was the last time the Cougars won games they HAD to win?
When was the last time the goaltending and defense had back to
back 1 goal games in a clutch situation?

When will Prince George fans stop focusing on ownership and begin to see that the
GM and Coaching staff have put a team together that will only get better in the
last 17 games and into the next few years.

Think of how good this team could be with Flakke here next year, everyone else a year older,
2 still improving 20yr old defenseman ( due to the improved coaching) in Hobbs and
Jackson, and an offensively improving Halliday as the 20yr old forward to protect the youngsters.

Is it not possible for people in P.G. to stop seeing only the negative?
-thier hatred of the Owner and G.M.

and focus on the positives-
-young talent
-improving 19yr olds
-stellar 20yr old goaltending
-a front office which is reaching out to the commuity like never before
-a team that will actually make the playoffs even after losing, arguably one of
the best players in Jr Hockey Dana Tyrell.

For the sake of the players on the team, please, Prince George hockey fans, get out and support your team!

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