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February 7 2009 at 8:55 PM
goldfinger  (no login)

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Lets take a look at what you just said most youngsters just want to play hockey 1st and foremost and then reality or something takes place. Connelly was a 1st round choice and the cougars probably had a commitment from him prior or just after they took him and he probably got the full ride as far as the whl contracts go. Forsberg same as Connelly. McDonald buonassi fraser we're later picks who wanted to play and didn't see much other alternatives in their future at that time. Belter was not a drafted player. Kiziuk and Hirsche are not here yet. I'm not sure if Salmon is signed and who is makin. Flaake who knows we're just hearing the Cougars management side of the story but guess what he's not here either. Viendensky a great find is here but how many choices did he really have we don't know and he hasn't been here long enough to know better! Maylan asked for a trade out of Moose Jaw and he's soft as butter, when do you see him go into a corner 1st unless the guys smaller than him. How many other players are there who may have requested a trade but haven't done it publicly through the media. How do you know! How many players would love to jump from a this sinking ship? When you ask to be moved there's no guarantees where they may go. The teams own you don't forget it. Stay positive but get you're head out of the sand!!!!!

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