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March 14 2009 at 11:32 AM
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I am staying in Kamloops for the weekend and decided to check out the Blazers/Rockets game last night here in Kamloops.

I thought it might be interesting to be at a different arena with no cougars in sight. I would have preferred the Cougars were in town, but no luck on that one. So I went just hoping to see some good hockey, knowing I wouldnt be able to cheer much for either side.

The first thing I noticed was that seeing little kids running around happily in their Blazers jerseys seemed very odd to me.

Just inside the door, they were handing out sheets with the player stats for both teams - for free! I thought it was nice to not have to pay for the program, although the cougars program is a bit bigger than the single sheet player stats.

Right off the bat I noticed the music was much more appropriate for a hockey game. They were playing good hard rock songs that get the players and crowd pumped up. The opening faceoff was rocking to the start of 'sound of madness' by shinedown. Good stuff. I dont recall hearing a single annoying pop song. And they had all sort of great clips after bad calls, goals, and before the powerplays.

It was one of the best first periods of hockey I have seen in a while. Kelowna got a pp 36 seconds in, and scored about 10 seconds after that to make it 1-0 within the first minute. By the end of the first, Kelowna was up 3-0 and the shots were 16-0. Zero shots on home ice for the Blazers! Thats about as good as it gets for a cougars fan.

I really enjoyed seeing the Blazers taken apart like that. Kelowna looked very impressive, and Kamloops could hardly get possession over the blueline. There was a section of about 40 Rocket fans that were outcheering the entire building - although the Blazer fans had nothing to cheer back at them about.

The second period was good as well, but mainly because both teams played more competitive hockey. Although the Kelowna lead was quickly increased to 5-0.
When the Blazers finally managed to get their first shot, the crowd went wild - which I found pretty comical. But the Blazers seemed to respond, and before you knew it it was 5-2 at the end of the second period.

The third period was pretty good as well, with the Blazers scoring first and making it a 5-3 game. But the Rockets scored again and put the game away.

Overall I was impressed with a number of things at the Interior Savings Center. The seating at the building was different from PG, with an open concourse where you can see the rink.

The video replay screen worked better too. I have noticed in PG that the cameras are always zoomed out way too far and you cant see what is happening. They were very good in Kamloops at zooming at just the right times.

They also had a roaming camera that was used at the 'subway fan cam' and for giving out the prizes.

One of the best parts of the night was the second intermission dance contest. They used the cameras and big screen to find dancing fools in the audience. The winner would recieve a gift certificate for dinner at Earl's. It was mainly the various kids in the audience having a great time, but the winner was some drunken fool who was dancing like there was no tomorrow. He had some pretty good moves, and was declared the winner.

I really enjoyed not having to watch the 'kiss cam' as well. That thing might work once in a while, but not every game the way we have it.

So I hate to say it, but the overall package of camerawork, replays, contests, and especially the music, I would have to say that the rink in Kamloops has a much better product than what I have seen at the CN Center.

PG used to have the better fans, although at the current level this might not be the case. Perhaps right now we might get out cheered by 40 of the other teams fans, but in a full house with the other teams fans, there would be no way you would hear any of them.

So perhaps right now, since the building was full, Kamloops might have the edge.

Hopefully Rick does something in the offseason to change the culture around the CN Center. (we all know what needs to happen) It would be awesome to get the place rocking again.

That is my perspective as a cougar fan from a rival team's rink.

Thanks for reading,

Cougars Fan.

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