Thank you for showing you have absolutley zero hockey knowledge

June 7 2009 at 11:40 AM
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Response to Habschied vs Clark

Most of the reason for the cluster**** in Kamloops, IS because of Dean Clark. From trading superstar Erik Christensen, and Dustin Slade, for 4 nobodies, that didn't even play a 100 games combined with the Blazers, to being the arrogant, ******* that he is with billets, and the players, the guy gutted, and screwed this franchise right in the pooch. I think Blazer fans know ALOT more about Dean Clark than you do. He simply parachuted to great situations.

As for Habscheid, a product of all the great talent Hamilton brought in? Clearly you've only watched the WHL for a couple years. Those team's in Kelowna before Habscheid got there, were terrible. Mediocre and average at best. When Habsheid came in there, he whipped a not so talented group into shape. Look at the 2004 Rockets team. They didn't have any offense whatsoever. Scored 183 goals infact, and allowed only a 115. Or that Kamloops Blazer team in 1999 that was expected to rebuild, instead he took them to the WHL finals, and lost to a Hitmen team they had no business losing too. Now you can keep this nonsense up, trying to make yourselves feel better for your **** for brains of an owner not doing everything he could to bring in someone like Habscheid, but it only makes you look like an idiot.

You ask ANYONE around this league who they would rather have coach their team. Dean Clark or Marc Habscheid, I guarantee you 99.99 percent will say Marc Habscheid. Nobody but the Cougars contacted Clark in the past year in a half to coach their team. That says ALOT right there. So keep living in your dreamworld.

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